Trailmakers, Construction Racing Game Set To Release For PC In 2017

Indie developer Flashbulb Games just got its game Trailmakers through Steam Greenlight successfully and they are now looking to get the game onto Early Access sometime this year for PC.

If you are a fan of building things and racing vehicles across dangerous places, you just might find Trailmakers to be interesting. You can check out the older trailer below, seeing how Flashbulb Games did not put out a new trailer to reflect the game’s latest progress.

Trailmakers is much like the year old title by Axolot Games, Scrap Mechanic. The two can almost be mistaken if a viewer isn’t careful in distinguishing the two. But seeing that there is competition building up between the two definitely makes it interesting to see innovation is really taking shape in the indie space.  We’ll also get to see how both games will be updated and how it affects Trailmakers and Scrap Mechanic as they shape up in their Early Access phase.

If you want to know a bit more about the building mechanics, exploration and basic gameplay behind Trailmakers, the official description detailing things that will be common in the game sit below.

“In the toughest motoring expedition in the universe, you and your friends will build your own vehicles to cross a dangerous wasteland. Explore, crash horribly, use your wits to build a better rig, and get as far as you can with whatever spare parts you find on your way.”

You’ve read right, the game will feature multiplayer support in that your friends or randoms will be able to join you and help expand your mechanical journey. You can either race with them and use them to reach unknown locations, or battle it out in a friendly race to see who is the fasts at building or racing.

More information can be found pertaining to Trailmaker by heading over to If you want to check out the game’s newly posted Steam Early Access page you can by visiting the given link.


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