Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Finally Makes Sense Of The Story
Transformers The Last Knight
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

The third and presumably last trailer trailer for Transformers 5: The Last Knight finally gives us something more substantial to sink our teeth into as far as the story and characters are concerned. It’s amazing that they managed to put together three full fledged trailers without in anyway putting together a coherent story about what the movie is about until now.

We finally get an understanding about what happened to Optimus Prime after he flew off into the farthest recesses of the known galaxy at the end of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction when he sought out the makers. He ends up getting captured and reprogrammed to be evil. Typically.

This now makes sense why Optimus ends up fighting Bumblebee. The near three minute trailer lays out all the important details in the first minute, and you can check it out below courtesy of KinoCheck International.

So first of all, how crazy is it that it looks like they got someone who is a dead ringer for Megan Fox? But I don’t see her in the cast list so then I’m assuming that’s Laura Haddock? I mean, she literally looks like Megan Fox.

It was hard not to notice. Michael Bay obviously has a literal hard-on for brunettes with blue eyes and tanned skin. He had Tea Leoni filmed the exact same way in the original Bad Boys.

Anyway, the rest of the trailer is kind of odd. We hear Prime talking about how Earth must die for Cybertron to be restored. However, we know he’s saying this under brainwashing. What doesn’t make sense is why he’s saying this while presumably killing off the knights that I thought he was supposed to be working for.

We also briefly see what might be Megatron in the beginning of the trailer? But that can’t be right since the last movie left off with Galvatron attempting to do his own thing.

Transformers The Last Knight - Megatron

Also, how did he get new armor and why doesn’t he look like he did in Age of Extinction?

I’m sure the movie will spend much of its near two and a half hour long running time explaining some of these things.

Anyway, the film is due for release this June. It’s just two months out from release. So far they haven’t completely given everything away in the trailers but I do sort of have an idea of how it starts and end given the structure of this latest trailer. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing given that it’s the only trailer with any sort of coherent structure for the movie, but at the same time we now have a clear view of the plot thread.

You can look for Transformers: The Last Knight to hit theaters and IMAX near you this summer.

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  • Mr Snow

    I mean, it actually looks kinda cool.

  • Balpa

    Each scene looks interesting by itself.
    And yet all together will be horrendous schlock.

  • LurkerJK

    lol, this makes “muh robot boyfriends” girl look like a very minor character, someone is in damage control mode

    • They did a total 180 on the whole feminism stuff, putting her in the background this time around.

      No surprise given the fact that A LOT of people were displeased with the whole feminist angle they were trying to take with the film. I think there comes a point where people would prefer to keep their mindless Michael Bay entertainment… mindless.

  • Disqusted

    Injustice 2’s Batman looks better than the one in this article’s header image.


    Well, at least this trailer didn’t attempt to shove Feminist rhetoric down our throat like the last one did with their “like a girl” bullshit.

  • Gorgon

    Did you seriously attempt to attribute some sort of a coherent story to a Transformers movie? I thought you knew better.

    • How could I pass up such an opportunity? I mean, they got Sir Anthony Hopkins… obviously he signed on for the sterling storytelling, depicted from the incomparable hands of the auteur Michael Bay.


      • Disqusted

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