Warriors All-Stars Set To Release On Steam, PS4 August 29th
Warriors All-Stars

Koei Tecmo announced that the Musou all-stars from their popular fighting and beat-’em-up games will join together and duke it out on August 29th later this year on PS4 and on PC via Steam when Warriors All-Stars (Musou Stars) launches at retail and via digital distribution.

The game will feature Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, William from the recently released Nioh, Kasumi and Marie Rose from Dead or Alive, Zhao Yun and Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors, Horo and Oka from Toukiden, Sophie from Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book and many more.

They released a 30 second teaser trailer featuring some of the famous characters from the Koei Tecmo universe, laying waste to the thousand army hordes using the typical Musou-style combat system. You can check it out below.

The trailer is short and sweet and basically attempts to get the point across without wallowing in any sort of silliness.

The plot to the game centers around a magical spring drying up and a princess attempting to restore its powers by opening portals to other realms. Things go horribly awry and she attempts to fix it by getting the heroes from the Koei Tecmo universes to help set it all back in order. So it’s basically a magical multi-verse story, which is usually the best way to tell these kind of tales without breaking immersion and continuity too badly.

They’;re also already planning pre-order bonuses, including costume swaps, and additional unlockable characters being accessible earlier than usual. Pre-orders will be available from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Electronic Boutique.

While the game doesn’t seem like much of a big heavy hitter leading into the fall season, it does seem like a good hold-me-over game, something that the Xbox One has been in short supply these days.

You can keep up to date on news, media and info on Warriors All-Stars by visiting the official Koei Tecmo website.


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