Ways Of History, Era-Altering RTS Game Set To Release “ASAP”

Ways of History is a long-term, real-time strategy game that sees a civilization start from the early Stone Age all the way up until present day and beyond. The top-down game sports both 2D and 3D scenarios, a changeable map and much more. Glyph Worlds’ Ways of History is set to debut for PC some time soon.

The latest RTS game that sees a single playthrough span from the stone age all the way up until space travel comes Ways of History. Rocking both 2D sprites and 3D models, the real-time strategy game mixes both conquering and maintenance into a complex package that changes according to what is going on in the world, which makes it sound pretty interesting.

The official description stands as a snippet of highlights detailing Ways of History. You can read over the summary below.

“Hardcore real-time strategy with a long-term round. Development of your civilization from caves to space. Huge world. Thousands of players. 240+ sciences and technologies. About 100 troops. 4 races. 50+ resource deposits. War, trade, science, construction…”

Graphically the game doesn’t look all that nice, but at least it offers a rich variety of content to experience through, especially during the changing times of Earth in a persistent long-term RTS setting. The trailer showing in-game footage of Ways of History is up for your viewing pleasure.

There’s a whole lot of stuff that can be found in this game regarding construction, resources and maintenance. Each named feature will alter Earth in a way that could potentially kill off the entire human race or expand the race beyond and into outer space.

If the devs ship out mod and Steam Workshop support for Way of History, then this game could stick around for a long time, especially if they tend to it every so often via major content updates.

If Ways of History looks interesting to you the game is set to launch “ASAP” on Steam.


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