White Noise 2: Beginner Walkthrough Guide
White Noise 2 Guide

Milkstone Studios’ White Noise 2 is an interesting new asymmetric horror game that’s a little bit like Slender Man meets Dead by Daylight. The new game features four investigators attempting to find the tapes in order to complete the levels.

There are quite a few rules to master in order to get good at White Noise 2, such as understanding what skills to use when playing as the monster, and understanding what stats to exploit when playing asn an investigator.

BereghostGames has a video that quickly shows you some of the abilities and skills of the monsters as part of a Let’s Play playlist. You can check it out below.

As a monster your objective is to kill all of the investigators within the stage using a variety of skills. For instance, you’ll be able to use idols to confuse the investigators, as well as use the idols to pinpoint the location of an investigator on the map. You can also teleport around to get close to the investigators or avoid being burned by the light.

There’s also skills to disable the flash light – this is indicated with a broken bulb icon. For other monsters you might be able to disable the flashlights using stationary traps such as the energy traps.

Disrupting the investigators’ vision is also possible by using tapeworms. Alternatively, some monsters will have skills such as the decoy tape, which is designed to trick investigators, and can be used to lure them into a trap. For some monsters, you can turn invisible to avoid being stunned by light, but it only works for a limited time, and is best used to lure an investigator away from the group and kill them.

Skills need to recharge and you can see how long it’ll take to recharge with the red meter on the side of the screen. You’ll be able to spot out the investigators by tracking the footprints on the ground and the light emanating from them. Remember to avoid the light because it will slow you down and weaken you.

For investigators the objective is to collect all of the tapes, work together and survive against the monster. YouTuber Rob Cram has a video detailing how to effectively play as an investigator, which you can check out below.

As a human investigator, you’ll have stats such as speed, stamina, stealth, exploration, battery management, bravery and vitality to deal with.

Some of your more important skills will be vitality, which will determine how long you can withstand being attacked by a monster, and battery manager, which determines how long you’ll be able to make use of the flashlight’s battery. The stealth stat is also useful for when trying to stay hidden from the monster – the higher the stealth stat the less likely the monster will be able to see or find you.

You’ll need to use light to repel the monster away, and follow the compass to acquire the video tapes. And be sure to stay away from the idols to avoid being pounced on from behind by the monster.

If you do happen to die you’ll turn into a ghost. You can move around as a ghost to help aid your fellow investigators, but you won’t be able to pick up the tapes. You can banish idols scattered around the stage, so as a ghost you’re not completely useless. Also, ghosts cannot see the monster, so there’s also a drawback to being a ghost.

Lightsticks can also be thrown onto the ground to work as traps to slow down the creature, but you’ll need to use them sparingly. And even though the flashlight can be used to blind and stun the creature, turning on the flashlight and making noises will also make you more susceptible to being found or heard by the creature.

One important suggestion from one gamer is that it’s best to stick together and have only one person use a flashlight at a time, this way the three others can converse their flashlights without them running out so quickly. If a member of the group spots the monster, you can keep the light transfixed on the monster until it eventually fades and teleports away. If one of the team members gets caught by the monster, simply throw a light stick at it or shine the flashlight at it until they’re free.

The compass will only generally tell you in which direction the tape is, so you’ll have to manually look around the area to find the tape. The compass, when blue, indicates that you are close to the tape. If it’s yellow it means you have a ways to go before you get to the tape.

White Noise 2 is available right now for PC for only $9.99.

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