6 Days’ Trailer Takes An Intense Trip Back To A 1980’s Terrorist Attack
6 Days

An upcoming film based on the hostage crisis at the Iranian embassy back in 1980 is set to release called 6 Days. It’s an intense looking political thriller that should make fans of the classic Rainbow Six titles moist between the thighs.

The trailer clocks at two and a half minutes (a seemingly golden spot in terms of timing), giving viewers an idea of what to expect from this British thriller starring Mark Strong. You can check it out below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

They spend the entire first minute setting up the stakes, giving viewers an idea of what will happen and how the detective in charge of the situation plans to avoid a blood bath.

The film is being marketed as the untold true story of how things went down at the embassy. I suppose if you’re unfamiliar with that bit of history you could also stave off learning about it until you see the film so you can be surprised at the results.

Unfortunately, the second half of the trailer seems to spoil all the good parts. They reveal the twist hinging on whether or not the SAS forces should even be used to breach the embassy, and they also spoil the whole breach.

It’s a real shame to because 6 Days looks like a good movie but it falls victim to trailer spoiling, a recent trend where movie studios completely forgo common sense and manage to reveal all the good bits within the confines of just a couple of minutes.

The movie seems very similar in execution to another film based on a real-life hostage crisis involving terrorists called Le Assault, which was a French film from back in 2010 about the 1994 Air France hijacking. It was a short, intense flick that made the GIGN look righteously badass.

If the trailer didn’t completely ruin the film for you, you can look to see 6 Days in a theater near you… soon.


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