Agents Of Mayhem Story Trailer Works Hard To Try To Make You Care
Agents of Mayhem Story Trailer
(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)

Volition Software seems to be in a tough spot, gearing up to release Agents of Mayhem on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 15th, 2017 later this year. They’re already committed to the release, and they’ve been halfheartedly throwing out new promo trailers for the game in an attempt to make you care.

The game is essentially a reskin of Saints Row 4 with the ability to instantly switch between up to three squad members at a time, each of which have their own special abilities and powers. The story trailer basically explains the origins for the three main characters they’ve been advertising on the box, including Hollywood, Fortune and Hardtech. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The trailer shows a lot of generic looking third-person shooting, where the over-the-top, cartoony characters shoot and blow up a lot of faceless enemy hordes, not unlike the gameplay from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 4.

If you’re thinking that maybe this game is redeemable and isn’t just a shallow attempt to cash in on the hero-shooter genre that was popularized by Blizzard with Overwatch, think again.

There’s an hour’s worth of gameplay footage showcasing lots of uninspired gameplay featuring the various characters and squads. The environments – set in a neo-Seoul in South Korea – looks pretty cool, but also literally looks like it comes out of Overwatch. Check it out below.

A lot of gamers are comparing it to Battleborn.

It does seem to be a mix of Saints Row, Battleborn and Overwatch, but without any of the charm or originality of any of the games it’s based on.

Of course, the developers worked hard to hit those diversity checkpoints, including teasing a lesbian relationship between Agent Friday and Agent Braddock. So if you care more about identity politics than actual fun gameplay, I think you’ll enjoy Agents of Mayhem when it launches on August 15th later this year.

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  • tajlund

    I’m the opposite of most on here. I loved Saint’s Row 3 and 4 and thought 1 and 2 were crap. (Though I’m starting to appreciate 2 a little bit now that I’ve patched it up and am playing it.) I like the over the top insanity of 3 and 4. This game though, absolutely has nothing that appeals to me. I don’t want to play battleborn or overwatch, and I don’t want to play a version with a thin veneer of SR. Especially since the fun and personality of SR is not on view here at all.

  • SevTheBear

    Looks very dull indeed

  • Kyle Haddad

    Yeah, I checked out of volition’s fanbase at SR3. For all the improvements control wise SR3 had… It lost the Series heart and soul.

    • Graphically SR3 took a huge step up from SR2, but they removed so much content it just wasn’t the same for me. I really loved the combat system in SR2 and they replaced it with that gosh awful QTE system.

      • Kyle Haddad

        Basically, I don’t want to discredit SR3 as a whole. IMO the controls and graphics were spot on and the Character Creation Interface was a huge step up in addition to the controls. But they cut out so much else and the original tone of the games was jettisoned for a an almost borderlands style of storytelling where everything is bombastic all the time. It’s sad that when I ask most people what the most memorable part of 3 was, they almost all universally respond with “Gaint purple dildo”. And that’s not even mentioning 4 where the answer I’ve heard is the throw back to the death of Veteran Child from back in 2.

        • Very spot-on about the graphics and controls.

          For me the only memorable thing about SR4 was classic or fun Shaundi. I really missed Elisha Dushku’s more laid-back and natural take on a very original character.

          Most people accurately describe Shaundi in SR3 and SR4 as an annoying, obnoxious, super b*tch. And after giving it some thought, I literally can’t disagree with them. She’s yelling and being an annoying douche the entire way through. She was so bad she actually made Pierce likable.

          And you’re right about SR3… the only thing people mention is that darned dildo, which — to be frankly honest — wasn’t even that fun to use. It was funny for like 10 seconds and then it was just like, “meh”.

          The one thing both SR3 and SR4 lacked was the slightly more grounded human element between the gangs and the turf war in SR2. I liked that none of the gangs were above the police or Ultor. The struggle actually felt real, and the stakes and consequences were repeatedly made clear throughout the game, especially with Gat being sidelined throughout most of the main story. That’s not to mention that the Carlos and Jessica arcs were pretty gruesome.

  • Laytonaster

    I feel sorry for the animation studio behind those segments. Not because they’re drawing a naked, up-his-arse fop, but because they’re investing in a failure. Shameful waste of talent.

    • This game reminds me a lot of Battleborn.

      Most of the really negative comments on the MKIaceandfire video were also removed. People were calling this a relative of “Failborn” and “Stillborn”. I checked recently and a lot of them were missing, along with people saying they hoped this wasn’t another diversity game to pander to SJWs like Overwatch.

      • Laytonaster

        Sheee-it. I don’t check out that channel often, but I did appreciate it being commentary-free and high video quality, as it gave me more focus on the actual game’s content. But damn, I don’t think I can see it the same way again.

      • durka durka

        brink used to be the synonym to failure.

        • You know… Brink wasn’t that bad actually. It had potential but it was poorly executed.

  • durka durka

    The characters are soooo meeeeh. The onIy character that is interesting is the giant minigun weiIding Iesbian on roIIerskates..the rest are pffffttttt!!

    You couId give me your review copy and i wouIdnt pIay it even a year Iater, thats how meh it is.

    • You couId give me your review copy and i wouIdnt pIay it even a year Iater, thats how meh it is.

      This game is so mundane you would have to pay me to request a review copy.

  • AlecJ

    Maybe im a sucker for this kind of game, but i think it looks okay. The devs in the video seem to have put more into it than your typical foul mouthed explosion fest, hero shooter.

    Whether its fun to play, and has legs…..hard to say from watching someone else on the sticks, but im intrigued…..which is more than i was previously.

    • If it wasn’t just a literal re-skin of Saints Row 4 with fewer features, I might have been intrigued.

      Saints Row 2 is still Volition’s Magnum Opus.

      • KStrickTech

        When SR4 came out, I never heard anyone say this. Now I’m reading and seeing YouTube videos on MANY MANY people agreeing with this opinion. Hell, I still haven’t played SR4.

        MAN how many hours my XBox friends and I killed on SR2.

        • Yep, I basically played all the games and recently replay SR2 every so often just so I know I’m not pumping out BS through nostalgia goggles. It really is the best out of the whole series.

          SR3 and SR4 had the best playability, functionality, controls and graphics, but SR2 was a far superior product when it came to a lively open-world environment, a more unpredictable AI, lots of random carnage, a cool story, a non-linear approach to the missions and the mission structure, and the fact that the fighting and customization were a lot better realized.

          Agents of Mayhem basically took a lot of what I hated most about SR3 and SR4 (the stupid boring, stand-still AI and lame gunplay mechanics) and amplified that 10x fold. The actual shootouts were the most boring thing about the newer games and they decided to center an entire game around that. The AI is still dumb as a box of tacks and the gunplay is basically bullet-sponge central.