Airmen Looks Promising With Custom Airship Building And Battling
Airmen Game

Airborne Games is working on a new PC title called Airmen. It’s a first-person shooter that’s not quite like other games out there. You start off in a hangar with nothing but ambition and creativity to work with, and your objective is to build an airship, take it out into the skies above and blow the crap out of everyone else.

You’ll have to put together the airship piece by piece, using various materials as you construct an aerial death machine.

At the moment they have more than 70 different parts you can use to craft your ship, including cannons, Gatling guns, pigeon-guided missiles, front and rear battering rams, harpoon cannons to hook and pull enemy ships, and even railguns.

Players can manually mount some of the weapons and use the manual aiming to fire and attack their opponents, similar to the game Guns of Icarus. You can see what the gameplay is like courtesy of a trailer that’s up and available for viewing right now.

The two minute trailer highlights how players will man the guns, pilot the ship, and even repair damaged parts of the ship.

You can also bring along three other friends to help you out. Much like Allods Online there’s also the ability to use the harpoons to reel in enemy airships and then board them in an attempt commandeer their ship.

The procedural damage means you can clearly see where the ship is falling apart and what needs to be repaired, or what’s lost completely.

I also love how the trailer ends by showcasing a ton of different airship designs that you’ll be able to create in the game. There’s certainly a lot of promise there even though it’s basically a low-poly version of Guns of Icarus.

They’re currently running playtests for the public in order to iron out more of the gameplay and ensure that latency issues are fixed. If you’re not into online multiplayer battles it’s also possible to engage in 4-vs-4 matches against the AI.

If you want to see this game become a reality on the Steam store, you can upvote and favorite Airmen by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.


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