Alan Wake Discounted And Leaving Digital Stores Soon Due To Music Licensing
Alan Wake

Alan Wake will be discounted for 48 hours starting May 13th through May 15th by up to 90% on Steam, making it availbale for only $3 due to the fact that it will be leaving the digital storefronts indefinitely.

According to Gamespot, Alan Wake‘s use of licensed music has Remedy Entertainment looking to renegotiate their deals so that they can keep the game on store shelves… at least digitally. They announced the discount over on the game’s Steam page, explaining…

“Remedy’s Alan Wake is going offline from stores. This is due to the expiration of music license agreements for the game. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is not affected.


“For 48 hours, you can buy Alan Wake including DLCs and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare at a 90% discount on Steam.”

The game will eventually return to digital storefronts. However, until they secure the deal to keep using the licensed music they’ll have to remove the game from GOG, Steam, and the Xbox Store, which means that if you were planning on getting the game on the Xbox 360 or to play on the Xbox One, you might want to hurry.

Given that the game also works via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, it’s a great opportunity to check out Alan Wake if you wanted to get a taste of the episodic story narrative that plays out like a horror TV series on FX or AMC.

The game was a very different take on horror storytelling and I can also confidently say that the game does not copout with the “it was all just a dream” trope that has become so hated in recent times.

You can either check out Alan Wake and the DLC on the Xbox Store before it disappears and grab a copy for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, or you can visit or the Steam store and grab the game for PC during the weekend where it’ll be discounted before being pulled from digital store shelves indefinitely.


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