Ancestors, Hardcore RTS Game In Development By Hatred Devs

After storming onto the scene with Hatred, and doing a follow-up with the rail-shooter IS Defense, development studio Destructive Creations have returned with their latest game, Ancestors.

They recently opened up the Steam page for the game and revealed that it’s actually a real-time strategy game set within the age of the Vikings.

Regardless of what you think about Destructive Creations you have to admit that they’re building quite the diverse portfolio, spanning an isometric arcade game to an on-rails shooter to an RTS.

The debut trailer for Ancestors is also quite impressive, which you can check out below courtesy of MathChief.

It’s an impressive cinematic, and looks like it’s running in-engine on the Unreal Engine 4.

The combat is how I expected For Honor to be, but alas we ended up with what we ended up with.

Anyway, Ancestors will sport four different factions to play, a variety of battle conditions determined by the terrain, unit experience and the faction’s morale, as well utilizing a cinematic camera view for covering the action when the combat gets hot and heavy, not unlike what Creative Assembly has setup for the Total War: Warhammer games.

Players will attempt to build up their civilizations centered around the northern European regions, which includes playing as the Vikings, Anglo-Saxon, German or Slavs. You’ll be able to upgrade your camps, fortify your walls, and raid villages.

Ancestors joins a few other recent strategy games set within the era of the raiders, including Northgard, Iron Tides, Expeditions Viking and Wartile. Some of these games have even managed to sell quite well, even during their Early Access runs. I wonder if Ancestors will sink or swim, and if having Hatred under their belt will help or hinder Destructive Creations’ chances of hitting it big with their newest game?

You can keep track of Destructive Creations’ upcoming real-time strategy game by visiting the Steam store page. The RTS title doesn’t have a release date yet but it’s labeled as “coming soon”.


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