Ark Survival Evolved Guide: Here’s How To Tame The Daeodon And Giant Bee

Looking to tame the newly added Daeodon/Hell Pig or the Giant Bees in Studio Wildcard’s Ark Survival Evolved? Hopefully this guide will not only teach you where to find said creatures but how to tame them in update 257. Ark Survival Evolved is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Starting this guide with the Daeodon, if you are looking for it the creature can be found on The Island in Frozen Tooth and Footpaw, The Center in North and South Snowy Mountains and on Scorched Earth in the High Desert, Low Desert and Canyons.

The Daeodon or the Hell Pig is a a support creature in that it hones the ability to heal (area of effect) that can be activated by the player upon using the alt button when it is under your command.

The Hell Pig is relatively easy to tame given that it keeps spamming or using the heal ability when it is threatened or under attack, which in turn drains its own food reserves. This doubles as not only an easy process but a fast tame for players, although it’s worth noting that you should bring lots of meat.

A visual guide showing how to tame the Daeodon or the Hell Pig comes in by YouTuber Mitt Gaming.

The next creature that can be tamed in update 257 comes in the form of the Giant Bees. The Giant Bees are located in hives on The Island in Redwood Forest and in Footpaw or on The Center in Redwood Forest.

In order to get the queen to come out of her hive you will need to destroy it with something. This action will lead to one taming the bee with flowers or its kibble: Ichthyornis Kibble (Rare Flower, Savoroot, two Mejoberries and three Fiber).

Upon taming the Giant Bee you can then turn it into a Giant Bee hive that can be put on the ground or around your base. As one would expect the hive will produce honey as long as it has rare flowers in it. Tamers will also find that Giant Bee honey can be used to lure dinosaurs and Liopleurodons by putting the honey on the ground or attaching it to a fishing rod.

A visual guide showing how to find and tame the Giant Bees can be seen below thanks to Mitt Gaming.

Ark Survival Evolved is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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