Arma 3 Jets DLC Now Available With Update 1.70 Content
Arma 3 Jets DLC

Bohemia Interactive announced that Arma 3’s latest update, version 1.70, has arrived along with the new Jets DLC. This content pack contains four new planes, including the Sentinel twin-engine UCAV reconnaissance craft, the To-201 Shikra twin-engine tactical fighter designed by CSAT and the Russians, the F/A-181 Black Wasp II for carrier operations, and the A-149 Gryphon all-weather single-engine fighter.

The four planes arrive with additional updates and overhauls for Arma 3 courtesy of update 1.70, which includes an all new sensor overhaul for active radar and infrared sensor technology, allowing players to utilize different types of strategies to pick up and spot enemies, as well as different ways to avoid being spotted. There’s extended hitpoints for the damage models of aircraft so that dogfights will play out more realistically, and there are more visual outputs so you can visibly see what kind of damage is being done to the plane.

Of course, what good are all these new aerial fighters without a new scenario to test them out in? Bohemia announced that they have a new showcase scenario taking place above Altis for those willing to test their mettle in air superiority. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the new DLC and update patch brings to the table in Arma 3.

The trailer is slickly put together, and it’s a nice little showcase of what the premium content looks like in action in the latest expansion for the game. The quality of the graphics and realism of the lighting reminds me of how CIG is aiming for the same level of fidelity (if not higher) for Star Citizen.

Additionally they’ve added a new super carrier to the game in the form of the uSS Freedom, along with all new surface-to-air weapon systems in order to take down fighters passing overhead.

You can get your hands on the new content from either the Bohemia Store or from the Steam store for $11.99.


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