Battletech Wlil Be Published By Paradox Interactive In 2017

Harebrained Schemes is still working hard on finishing up their crowdfunded Battletech game, but in the meantime they’ll be receiving a bit of help in getting the game onto the market thanks to Paradox Interactive.

Johan Sjöberg, chief product officer at Paradox Interactive commented about the new partnership with Harebrained Schemes, mentioning in the press release…

“We couldn’t miss the chance to work with Harebrained Schemes given how big of fans we are of their work on the Shadowrun Returns series. The opportunity to reintroduce our strategy-minded players to the tactical roots of the BattleTech universe makes this partnership even sweeter,”


“We are as excited about BATTLETECH as the early backers are, and we can’t wait to do our part to bring the game to market.”

The announcement came alongside the release of a new Paradox Interactive trailer for Battletech, which you can check out below.

The mix of hand painted CG with the Battletech universe works exceptionally well. It’s almost exactly how I envisioned Battletech based on the novels. It’s amazing how close they’ve managed to capture that aesthetic both with the art and the actual in-game graphics.

Hopefully the storyline will match the quality of turn-based combat they have planned for the title, because it feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve had a decent game like the old Front Mission titles in the narrative-oriented mech space.

They promise a “rewarding story campaign” on top of a PvP online multiplayer mode, so it sounds like it’s going to be like Harebrained’s Shadowrun games and then some.

They don’t have a release date set for the game, but hopefully Paradox will work with Harebrained to iron out something solid in the near future. Then again, true Mechwarrior fans have had to wait 20 years for a new turn-based mech game in the series, so what’s another few extra months?

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official Battletech website.


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