Bio Inc: Redemption Lets You Create Incurable Diseases Or Treat Terminal Illnesses
Bio Inc. Redemption

DryGin Studios Bio Inc: Redemption is an interesting new title that recently landed on Early Access. It puts you, the player, in the role of a biomedical doctor who can either help and heal, or harm and destroy.

Essentially you can work toward building new diseases, finding out what shuts down the human body, and what can repair it; you can infiltrate the immune system with a viral disease or cause a person’s heart to explode. You can even cause tumors to grow or create mortal symptoms through a complex series of treatments.

The game features more than 600 actual diseases, symptoms, diagnostics tests and treatments that players will be able to utilize. 50 different boosters are included, along with 18 different stages divided across two campaign modes. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of how Bio Inc: Redemption plays out.

This is the sort of game that lets you play god with someone’s health.

The idea is that not only can you create these deadly circumstances, but you can also find ways to treat them.

Since this is based on real life medicinal practices and documentation, there are different ailments and cures based on a number of physiological properties, and they plan on adding more based on gender-specific diseases and diagnostics, as well as challenging cases based on real life circumstances.

There’s also plans to include a head-to-head battle mode. That would be an interesting thing to see play out.

At the moment Bio Inc: Redemption is currently in Early Access over on Steam. The game will stay in Early Access over the next six to nine months as they wrap up development, fix glitches, add new content and eventually prep for final release.

If you’re interested in a digital copy, which is available for $12.99, you can pick it up over on the Steam store.


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