Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Oozes Cyberpunk, Style And An Homage To Synth
Blade Runner 2049 - Ryan Gosling

We haven’t had a really good cyberpunk film since Albert Pyun decided to give up on the genre when he ended the Nemesis series back in the 1990s. Since then there’s only been a lot of half-hearted attempts and homages to the classics from the 1980s. Well, producer Ridley Scott and director Denis Villeneuve have seem to have gone all in on the revival of the cyberpunk aesthetic with Blade Runner 2049… especially if the newest trailer is anything to go by.

Unlike a lot of other movies out there, the two minute trailer attempts to keep a lot of the good bits hidden from the audience while tempting them with a lot of potential plot and lots of twists and turns. The final scene, in fact, seems to hint at something being a bit different with Ryan Gosling’s character. You can check it out in the trailer below courtesy of Kinocheck International.

The trailer starts with a beautiful throwback to Vangelis’ original synthwave OST for the first Blade Runner. We get some beautifully shot sequences of the overly commercialized corporate mega city – complete with a giant logo of Atari cascaded across parallel buildings – as well as an introduction to what appears to be the movie’s main antagonist played by Jared Leto.

The theme of the film seems to center around a new kind of replicant… one that’s birthed not unlike the way they’ve been able to organically birth animals using surrogate technology instead of an actual womb… in real life. The tech here doesn’t seem too far off from reality, even if the aesthetic is.

There’s a lot of small clips of exposition intermingled with a decent dose of action, including a fight involving a very aged Dave Bautista, and Harrison Ford apparently getting involved with throwing fisticuffs.

Blade Runner 2049 - Jared Leto

I do wonder if they’ll take out Ford in Blade Runner 2049 in the same way that they decided to **spoiler alert** take him out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? It would be a shame, really.

Anyway, the movie oozes style and cyberpunk from top to bottom. It feels like an actual sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece.

I can’t wait to see Blade Runner 2049 later this year. You can look for it to land in theaters on October 6th.

This film could also be a great way to pave towards the release of Cyberpunk 2077, which is due for release on home consoles and PC by CD Projekt Red.


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