Call Of Duty: WW2 Campaign Will Not Feature Playable Germans Or Axis Forces

The dilapidated looking Michael “The Conman” Condrey has stepped up his SJW “muh feels” even more in the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 game by axing out all playable Axis figures in game, revealing that you will not be able to play as the “Evil” Germans, given that “The Axis power is a ferocious enemy” in the game.

Catching wind from GameRant, I guess I’ll be “Ann Frank” here and say that I did “Nazi” this coming, but when a certain Twitter user asked Condrey if Axis soldiers would make a playable appearance in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: WW2, he replied with the following response:

“You’ll fight and follow the Allied cause. The Axis power is a ferocious enemy. But no, you won’t play as Axis in campaign.”

This move of not following any of the Axis participants and avoiding to show a more none-biased view of the war — giving gamers potential pause for discussion regarding the roles of the Allied and Axis forces — seems to kill all originality. It forces the story to take on a cliche and predictable layout that we’ve seen from many other World War II games in the past. I’m not saying to glorify the treacherous acts of the Axis, but at least show the soldier side of both the Allied and Axis forces in a relatable way, but I guess that calls for actual writing skills.

In addition to the above, the Condrey and team want to play it SJW safe and try to avoid hurting those invisible feelings, because you know playing as the Axis would hurt too many when it comes to a fictionalized game rendered in 3D, amiright?

I already know what most people will say, though, “It’s just the story mode! The MP will feature the Axis! So quite complaining and get over it!” That’s beside the point, we are in 2017 where everything before CoD:WW2 has done exactly that with their campaign mode. If you are going to use a worn out setting like WW2 and not do anything different don’t be shocked when a backlash by gamers and fans alike ramp up. But, I guess Activision and Sledgehammer Games could always use the saying of “I did Nazi that coming” when crap hits the fan.

So there you have it, you won’t see anything different from the Axis side, except for them being “a ferocious enemy” in Call of Duty: WW2. With that said, what’s your thoughts of Germans or Axis not be a playable side in the campaign mode of CoD:WW2?


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