Cemu 1.8.0 Gets Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Running Smoothly
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Cemu 180

The Cemu Team has done it, again. The Patreon edition of the Wii U emulator Cemu 1.8.0 has been released for paying supporters. They’ve managed to make Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild run extremely smooth. The game is almost par the course to the performance level of the Wii U and Switch versions, but with the added benefits and graphical buffers offered by the glorious PC Master Race.

If you want to get your hands on Cemu 1.8.0 ahead of everyone else, you can pony up $5 and go ahead and download the latest version of the emulator from the Cemu Patreon page.

Everyone else will have to wait until around May 30th or so before they can get their hands on the free public version of Cemu.

So what does the latest version of the emulator do? Well, it makes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild run a heck of a lot smoother than the choppy outings present in 1.7.4 and 1.7.5. YouTuber Bahax PC Gaming offered up a six minute video showcasing Link running through the plains, mountainsides and forests of Hyrule to stress test the frame-rate. You can check it out below.

In the changelog, which was posted up over on the emulation sub-Reddit, they outline that they’ve added a memory scanner, a fullscreen maximization option, new graphical separated shaders for the vertex, geometry and pixels rather than having them bundled together, and that they’ve optimized a GPU7 shader decompiler, along with improved GX2 API optimization and texture decoding, amongst other changes.

The graphical improvements and performance optimizers were readily apparent in how well Breath of the Wild performs, which right now is the go-to game for testing each new iteration of the Cemu emulator.

The improved texture decoding means that it can load texture instructions quicker and get them loaded into memory faster. This means less texture pop-in, fewer moments of slowdown for texture updates, and better overall texture optimizations in regards to performance.

You can pick up a digital copy of Cemu 1.8.0 from Patreon right now for only $5, or wait until next week to get the free version from over on the official Cemu website.


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