Check Out New Gameplay Of 3DS Game Hey! Pikmin

Folks who own a 3DS and are fans of Pikmin will find that nine minutes of new gameplay showing Nintendo’s Hey! Pikmin is now live and available to watch. The Nintendo 3DS game is set to launch in Japan on July 13th, while the West will receive the game on July 28th.

One of the first videos posted up showing in-game footage of the upcoming Pikmin game comes in by publication site IGN’s YouTube channel. The video reveals that the upcoming game will not act or play out like past titles in the series, but instead will play out like a 2D side-scroller.

In addition to the above, the game will function a lot more like a 2D Mario game but with a Pikmin twist to it, notably like Yoshi’s Island.

I’m sure quite a bit of hardcore Pikmin fans out there are highly upset at the outcome of Hey! Pikmin, but from some forum boards there seems to be equal amounts of love for the upcoming title as there is hate, so I guess the truth behind whether if Nintendo failed or succeeded remains a mystery until the game release arrives.

While we wait for the game to drop, you can check out nine minutes of new gameplay by IGN, which the video itself sits below.

For those who skipped the video and want a quick rundown on the game’s story and premise, Hey! Pikmin follows Captain Olimar and his Pikmin traveling around in a new adventure. Players assuming the role of Captain Olimar will be tasked with using the Pikmin much like how Yoshi used his eggs in Yoshi’s Island to solve puzzles, face-off with enemies and to overcome tough challenges.

If this game looks interesting to you, Hey! Pikmin is set to launch in Japan on July 13th, while the West will receive the game on July 28th.


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