Civil Code, Hacking Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

One of the latest games to be submitted on Steam Greenlight comes Big Flat Potato’s Civil Code. The puzzle simulation game sees you as hacker breaching into intelligence agency workflow and stealing information all around the world. The PC game has no release date yet, but it is currently seeking votes on Greenlight.

Civil Code is a game that explores hacking in a familiar but different way, and to be a product of Steam Greenlight, I gotta give it to the devs for trying something different and not resembling trash.

Moreover, the game sees players working with other AI agents on the field, meaning that you will need to be their eyes and ears on the field or in structures; like buildings. In addition, any device and object can be hacked or controlled whilst carrying out a mission, which takes you on a digital battlefield or stealth mission.

Civil Code also forces players to think up a plan before jumping into a mission, whether players hack doors, cameras, equipment or other stage specific props, the game is open to a variety of plans to make breaking and entering that much more exciting.

I should note that the game does not sport an official description just yet, but, as noted above, the basic premise is all about hacking and successfully helping agents on the field by using your digital skills in dangerous situations. Actual gameplay showing Civil Code lies below.

To be honest here, seeing that Civil Code comes from a small indie group and is featured on Steam Greenlight instantly had me worried, however the game looks pretty decent in that the trailer actually shows what the game is capable of manifesting and what different scenarios are at hand.

Lastly, if Civil Code seems like a game that you would want to vote for or further investigate you can be heading on over to Steam Greenlight.

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