Collar X Malice, Otome Visual Novel Arrives In North America July 28th
Collar x Malice

The PlayStation Vita visual novel from Aksys Games and Idea Factory called Collar x Malice is set to make its debut in both North America and Europe starting July 28th. The release date was detailed over on an Amazon listing for the game where pre-orders are currently live for the portable Otome game.

You can currently set aside $39.99 for the PlayStation Vita exclusive, or wait for July to roll around to pick the game up from participating retailers.

Originally Collar x Malice launched back in August of 2016 in Japan. The title managed to carve out a decent enough sales pocket in the Otome niche to secure localization for a Western release in both North America and Europe.

The Western release of the game was announced back in late April, as reported by Gematsu, where they mentioned that the title would get both a physical and digital release on Sony’s portable gaming system.

The visual novel itself is about a young, handsome police officer who must save the city of Shinjuku from the bring of criminal chaos and civil collapse at the hands of an evil shadow organization.

Players will have to make wise decisions throughout the adventure in order to gain trust or keep a distance from five mysterious individuals who claim to want to help aid the young detective. You can get an idea of what the art is like and some of the characters with the trailer below.

It should go without saying that the art style is quite striking, and really taps into a sort of contemporary noir aesthetic.

Obviously, if you’re into pretty boys, mystery conspiracies and romance angles, you might enjoy this title.

XSeed Games might also be watching the sales for Otome titles because they’ve also admitted that they would be willing to bring over more visual novels if the market demands it. So we’ll see how well Collar x Malice does in the West when it launches exclusively on the PS Vita on July 28th.


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