Danger Zone, Burnout Successor Set To Release On PS4, PC May 30th
Danger Zone

Three Fields Entertainment announced that their spiritual successor to Burnout, called Danger Zone, is gearing up for release on PS4 and PC at the end of the month, starting May 30th.

The game is based around the Crash Mode concept from the Burnout series, where players would select their vehicle and attempt to create as much destruction and carnage as possible within a set amount of time. The mode was bucket-loads of fun because of different scenarios that would allow you to create all different types of crazy cool crashes.

Well, former members of Criterion Games started up Three Fields Entertainment in order to dive into working on the sort of titles that Criterion used to make… the kind of games that made them famous before they were acculturated by the hive that is Electronic Arts.

Danger Zone is one of the games that Three Fields have been working on secretly, and now they’re prepping for release on May 30th, just two weeks from now. You can check out the latest teaser trailer for the destruction-oriented title below.

Danger Zone will be budget priced instead of full priced.

The trailer may be just under a minute long, but it’s jam packed full of goodness. You get a look at how the testing facility is setup, some of the crashes and some of the carnage and scenarios that players can partake in.

The damage models show some results from the high impact crashes, but some people were hoping for fully deformable models. Maybe, depending on how well the game sells, they might patch that in at a later date?

The object of the game is pretty simple: you have to rack up as much damage as possible to get the highest score possible. It’s a little like a crash-based party game for PC and PS4.

The other cool thing about it is that the game will only cost $12.99. So it won’t break your bank. You can look for Danger Zone to launch at the end of the month on May 30th.


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