Darksiders 3 Levels Will Be Themed After Each Sin; Combat Encounters Have Been Altered
Darksiders 3

In a 12 minute interview and demonstration of Darksiders 3 with IGN, Gunfire Games’ president David Adams talked up the game’s gameplay mechanics, combat and thematic elements.

During the demonstration Adams talked about some of the visual changes they’ve made with Darksiders 3, as well as some of the mechanical changes they’ve made as well. You can check out the video below to get a look at some of the gameplay and listen to some of the commentary.

Not much was revealed that we didn’t already know, other than that the Four Horsemen originally imprisoned the Seven Deadly Sins away thousands of years before the Apocalypse was triggered early and they were able to escape and setup domain on Earth. The Council tasks Fury with recapturing each of the sins throughout the realms by hunting them down in their newly established domains.

Adams explains that each of the sins will have their own levels, and each one will be themed after said sin. Such themes will include visual changes and motifs to match that sin, along with enemy behavior and designs to accompany that realm.

We also learn that throughout the game Fury will unlock new abilities and upgrades and these changes will have an effect on Fury’s hair. The design and look of her hair will change depending on what she’s doing and what sort of powers she has active, which sounds similar to when War or Death would activate their abilities.

Additionally, combat rooms will be minimized and Gunfire Games are finding new organic ways to introduce enemy fights. Instead of just locking the room and forcing players to have to kill everything in the room before proceeding, they’re designing levels to contain enemies that will encounter players in a more organic matter.

The only major complaint that commenters had in the video was that Fury’s whip seems kind of weak. They’re hoping that as the game moves through development she’ll have more oomph in her attacks and that the whip will feel will emphatic on impact similar to War’s sword or Death’s scythes.

Darksiders 3 is due for release in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Expect to learn more about the game at this year’s upcoming E3 in June.


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