Days Gone Set To Appear At E3 2017 In A Big Way, Says Voice Actor

Days Gone was announced last year during E3 2016 and stands to be an open-world action adventure game by SIE Bend Studio. The game is said to be nearing completion, which was announced during the early part of May. Now it’s been revealed that it will be appearing at E3 2017 in a big way.

This information comes in by the lead protagonist voice actor Sam Witwer as Deacon St. John. Additionally, publication site Gampur posted this information up detailing the above, which is noted to be seen at 00:13:15 during a Twitch live stream. I’m not really sure what this means but hopefully it’ll stand to have its merits.

Looking back to the early part of May, Days Gone was said to be nearing completion which comes in by publication site Gamasutra. The site noted that the Oregon newspaper The Bulletin published a piece some time back that Sony Entertainment’s Bend Studio is transferring or moving to a more spacious building later this year as it continues to work on Days Gone.

This means that the devs have quite a bit of time to cook up a big trailer or announcement of some sort, which links into the big appearance at E3. For those curious, Gampur posted this information detailing what Witwer noted:

“Days Gone will be at E3 next month… in a big way. Days Gone is going to be there in a big way.”

To be honest, I am kinda curious what the devs have in store for fans, although I hope it won’t play out generic when it’s released later on. Hopefully the devs find a way to make the gameplay intuitive so that well after its release it’s still a fun and engaging game to dive into… but only time will tell.

As of now, the game currently has no release date, but it is set to come out exclusively for PS4.


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