Destiny 2 Campaign Will Have More Cinematics, 3 New Weapon Types, Overhauled Map
Destiny 2 - Cinematic

They talked up a lot of the features for Destiny 2 in terms of what they’ve changed at the recent live gameplay unveiling. Within the lore of the sequel, the player characters have all lost their Light, and this means you have to start from scratch to get strong and take down the evil new boss and his Red Legion. Some of the new features includes the way weapon slots work. For instance there’s now Energy, Kinetic and Power Weapons. You can equip the different weapons into each slot.

Kinetic and Energy weapons utilize different ammo and projectile types than Power weapons, so it gives players a bit more to experiment with in terms of which weapon best suits what sort of scenario they’re facing.

They’ve also added more melee attacks, similar to the likes of Warframe. You can get a brief glimpse of the new character classes and combat with the video below, courtesy of MKIceandFire.

As part of a demonstration for some of these new features, they rolled out an actual cinematic and some gameplay from the opening of th egame, which features some of the main characters from the previous Destiny.

The 13 minute clip features actual gameplay, where the player-character blasts down some baddies in an attempt to protect the Tower during the raid. It’s very… cinematic.

If you wanted more Call of Duty from Destiny, well Destiny 2 provides it in spades. You can check out the gameplay video below.

Players will fight through the streets, and duke it out against enemies with more set-pieces, and linear corridors.

The cinematics that they’ve added conveniently need to leave out the player-character because they don’t appear to be rendered in-engine. So this means that you won’t see your Guardian during the HQ CGI sequences.

The art-style and combat are very reminiscent to Halo 5. Enemy AI patterns are also quite similar as well. It’s amazing how close the game seems to 343’s Halo. I suppose for people who weren’t fond of the more static look and feel of the original Destiny, they might enjoy that the game is closer to the likes of 343’s Halo games.

As part of the stage presentation, Bungie revealed that they have new Strikes in Destiny. The Crucible is making a return, and they’ve made it where it’s 4-vs-4 across all of the Crucible game modes.

They’ve added new options to each of the maps where you can launch the activities on that world without having to go into orbit to launch the modes.

Destiny 2

They’ve added new lost sectors to discover, new treasure maps that allow you to uncover hidden loot, and new NPCs to encounter that have additional side-quests to go on.

The lost sectors can only be acquired from partaking in activities on the map, and it will mark an uncharted location for you to venture to in order to discover new secrets.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on September 8th, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is reportedly set to arrive at a later date.


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