Detective Gallo Set To Debut On Steam In Q2, 2017

Featured on this site before comes Adventure Production and FootPrints Games’ Detective Gallo, which now sports a release date for the second quarter of 2017. The hand-animated noir mystery title is currently set to release for PC via Steam this year.

Once a Steam Greenlight title and now in preparation to come out Q2 of this year is Detective Gallo. Featured on this site before during its early stages, the full game is either set come out this month or in June, which will land on Steam and not Early Access.

The official description explaining Detective Gallo is currently up for you to read:

“Detective Gallo is a point&click comic-noir adventure that is entirely hand-illustrated and hand-animated, and whose protagonist is a feathered and grumpy private eye struggling with a very tricky case, bizarre characters, and puzzles that will put his insight and patience to the test.”

Like most classic point & click games, this title, too, has players searching each scene extensively for clues and talking to people to figure out a case that seems almost impossible to solve.

Moreover, the game is almost complete, and the developers have narrowed down the release to a specific quarter. This means that either the game might release this month (May) or still sometime in June.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of mystery noir fans looking for a fun point & click title will undoubtedly find it in Detective Gallo, given how easy the game passed through Steam Greenlight.

With that said, if you haven’t seen any gameplay footage or for that matter the intro trailer of Detective Gallo, both trailers are up for you to view.

For more information on this game you can hit up the official website that holds quite a bit of info on Detective Gallo, or you can visit its newly posted Steam page.


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