Disgaea 5 Complete Launches For Nintendo Switch
Disgaea 5

NIS America announced that the North American release of Disgaea 5 is available right now for the Nintendo Switch. The game originally came out for the PlayStation 4 back in early 2015 in Japan and late 2015 in North America and Europe.

The JRPG managed to receive some decent reviews out of the gate, but the sales weren’t much to write home about. It’s surprising that NIS America would focus on releasing a niche game like DIsgaea 5 for the Switch so many years after its original release, but right now a lot of Switch owners are starved for content. So in a way it makes sense that some companies are trying to cash in wherever they can while the iron is hot.

The game itself is nothing more than a re-release of the original game along with the additional DLC that came out after the original game’s release. This includes eight all new bonus scenarios for players to complete, along with the return of four additional fan-favorite characters, three new character classes to play with, and a few other goodies to experience along the way.

The story centers around a young demon named Killia who is attempting to raise an army to take down the Overlord of the Netherworlds.

Players will go out of their way to recruit units and amass a party of fearsome and fierce warriors, mages, necromancers and spellcasters as you journey through the various worlds to conquer the Netherworld.

The game boasts hundreds of hours of content, and brings back the fan-favorite turn-based strategic combat that the series shaped itself around so many years ago.

Disgaea 5 on Nintendo Switch isn’t a budget-priced re-release, though. You’ll have to fork over a pretty penny to get your hands on the game, since it runs for $59.99.

If you would prefer to wait and get the game on PC, you might want to do that instead. Gamespot is reporting that Disgaea 5 has been rated for release on PC but no release date has been set yet.


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