Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Being Pulled From Steam Due To BBC License Expiry
Dr Who The Adventures

Sumo Digital and Legacy Games announced that due to an expiring license with the British Broadcasting Corporation for rights to publish games based on Doctor Who, they’ll have to pull all digital sales of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

TechRaptor spotted the news over on the official Steam page, where the developers posted up a public service announcement about Doctor Who: The Adventure Games being pulled from digital storefronts soon. They wrote…

“Unfortunately it is time to bid farewell. Our license with the BBC will be expiring soon and this game will be removed from Steam at the end of this month. Previous purchasers will still have access to the game under Steam policy, but no new users will be able to purchase the game starting in June.


“We’re glad you’ve enjoyed these great adventure games over the years and we hope to see you soon with new games!”

Unfortunately since they just recently had a sale on the game, they won’t be able to have a deep discount on the title again. They’ve been prohibited from doing so.

If, however, you’ve had an inkling in the deep pit of your hardcore gaming stomach to mentally scarf down some sci-fi adventures starring Doctor Who, you might want to grab a digital copy of the game before it leaves the storefronts indefinitely.

This is somewhat interesting news for the fact that Remedy Entertainment also recently announced that they would have to remove Alan Wake from store shelves due to the expiration of licensed music used in the game. Remedy, however, noted that they would be bringing the game series back as soon as possible.

You can grab a digital copy of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games for $19.99 from over on the Steam store. No date has been given on when you can expect the title to return to Steam.


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