ExZeus 2, Arcade Shoot’em Up Game Lands On Greenlight

I won’t say that ExZeus 2 is exactly like Star Fox but it does hold similarities in that players can use flying machines, motorcycles, tanks and other operable craft to decimate an oncoming onslaught of enemies in a 3D setting, which is rare to see from a game on Steam Greenlight. The game sports early 2000’s 3D graphics and is designed by by HyperDevbox; it’s currently on Greenlight seeking votes.

Taking a step back, the game isn’t doing anything new that hasn’t been done before by other old arcade shoot’em up games, but it’s more of that a small indie team like HyperDevbox made a well polished game like ExZeus 2, without any major problems showing up in the trailer. In other words, it’s impressive that the devs were able to make a game that replicates early 2000’s 3D graphics that functions well instead of a worn out 2D, 1980’s, retro pixel game.

Without rambling on further, the official description sits below.

“2217 CE. Over one century has passed since the battle against the alien war machines. Earth has returned to peace and the name of Diadora is now nothing more than a dim memory. Not many remember the ExZeus project and the robots who saved the planet from darkness. But a new menace from above was about to break the peace. There was only one way to counter this menace and restore hope: reopen the “ExZeus” project. The 3 former metal warriors who saved our planet were thus fused to give birth to a new powerful model of robot, Minos.”

Other features that ExZeus 2 includes consist of earning EX points to build up other weapons and skills. As one would guess, earning EXP comes from shooting not only enemies but props and other environmental structures. The game also features an upgrade system that allows players to customize their robot from a list of options.

You can either vote for ExZeus 2 by heading on over to Steam Greenlight, or you can watch gameplay by HyperDevbox that runs for three minutes below.


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