Far Cry 5 Campaign Features Character Creator, Co-op, Recruitable Pets
Far Cry 5
(Last Updated On: May 28, 2017)

Ubisoft rolled out a lot of information for Far Cry 5 when the official announcement trailer was revealed. Some of the details could easily be lost in the shuffle due to how much content they actually put out when the game was announced.

One of the things that they detailed over on the Ubisoft blog is that the character creation will be making a strong appearance in Far Cry 5, and in a far more detailed way than what was offered in Far Cry 2.

They revealed that up to two players can join together after creating their character, hopping into the world of Hope County, Montana to take on the Eden’s Gate Christian milita group led by Joseph Seed. The blog states…

“[…] this will be the first Far Cry where you can create your character and customize them to your liking before setting out into the world – either solo or cooperatively with another player – across the full campaign.”

They don’t detail what the character creator is like, or how in-depth the tools will be. It’ll likely be detailed at E3 this year during Ubisoft’s stage conference. I can only imagine what the crowd reaction will be like when they bring the game out… heck, I would have loved to have seen the crowd reaction if they didn’t announce it this month but waited until E3 to officially unveil it. That would have been… glorious.

Anyway, the campaign co-op mode seems like it could be cool if it’s done right. Much like other Far Cry games, Far Cry 5 will take place in an open-world setting in Hope County, Montana. Doomsday militia called Eden’s Gate end up cutting off the area from the outside world after initiating a hostile takeover of the county.

Players take on the role of a new deputy brought into town just before the events of Eden’s Gate get set into motion, and as the new deputy players will have to fight to save the innocent people of Hope County while either teaming up with various other characters or running it solo like Rambo.

To help aid you along the way will be pets and animals, such as bears, cougars, and other predators that can be used to take down foes, almost identical to the pet/capture feature from Far Cry Primal. The pets can be recruited using the Fangs For Hire option, while other mercenaries can be brought in to help aid your endeavors using the Guns For Hire option.

You can look for Far Cry 5 to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 27th, 2018.

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  • Gaijin-

    Just came to say that I’m naming my character Lucas Hood. Best Sheriff ever.

  • AlecJ

    The mental masturbation going on about this game at certain other game sites is…..interesting.

    I love it when 20 year olds who have never left the San Francisco echo chamber, wax poetic about the dangers of not writing a religious cult to the right degree of evil.

    Its obvious this game is being made by people with a desire to kill Republican types (in video game form only…one would hope), but i dont think they are dumb enough to do it without providing some cover by using cartoonish extremes.

    It will be curious to see if their unending anger over recent political trends is stronger than their need to make a successful game. A lot of devs have shown they are willing to sabotage their own game in the name of ideological purity.

    Personally i hope its merely sane and fun. Ive enjoyed the franchise and would hate to see another promising property *cough* Mass Effect *cough* put into moth balls because of the incompetence of radical left wing rage.

  • Mr.Towel

    I think customization will be a stretch. It will probably be another generic voiceless protagonist who just grunts and screams.

  • Bitterbear

    You can recruit animals? See if you can flood the compound with bears.

    • I wonder if the ghost of Harambe will make the cut?

  • Alistair

    Do you notice anything wrong with this billy?

    Tablet Vs PS4. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images

  • Alistair

    OMG called the SJWs brigade, with that header pix two sexist misogyny men characters dragging a defenseless woman to having her a good going over.

    Ubisoft is no way a SJW now as i heared/Readed the SJWs going Apeshit because they cant killed white alt right republicans (Trump supporters Like characters)

    Also ubisoft make crystal clear that they “dont care about politics” and that how it should be.

    If you have strong political moral that make you trigger happy then working in the video games industry is not for you.

    And any Devs have that like NISA should not be in the industry because there no reason to censored a make up fictional world of fictional characters.

  • Pratim Gupta

    Learned about the Enemies, its a cult called Eden’s gate, sounds like the loonies who drank Poisoned Kool-aid to kill themselves (forgot the cult’s name)

    • They’re supposedly mirrored after Branch Davidians.

      • Pratim Gupta

        Then it isn’t Christian bashing or anything, its about stopping Doomsday cult, seems good enough for me.

        • Yep that seems to be the case.

          • Pratim Gupta

            F*cking sjw and anti sjw try to ruin everything, this is why Gamergate is still needed

          • Alistair

            How can anti SJWs ruin everything if you against SJWs bullshit of couse you be anti SJW.

            Anti censorship and Anti sjws bullshit that describe Me.

            Question why do Devs need to censored they games and oppose social justice into games?

          • Pratim Gupta

            They constantly fight among each other over small issues, we normal gamers who just wants to enjoy the games gets caught in the middle. some of their bickering can ruin entire franchises, Anti SJW calls for immediate boycott of this game because it shows Christianity look a like cult called Eden’s Garden, which is clear reference to the real world cult Branch Davidians. dude its not bashing Christianity or anything, its a Doomsday cult like the Mayan like Tribe from Far Cry Primal. we have SJW crying MUH MISOGYNY and Anti-SJW MUH RELIGION. both of you just shut up and let us enjoy it, beside its not like you people are gonna buy the games, just use it to push your goddamn stupid agendas.

            i stand for Anti Censorship and Anti Bullshit.

            just like i said, Devs are in a bad position, they are like us, caught between SJW and Anti-SJW kids.

          • just like i said, Devs are in a bad position, they are like us, caught between SJW and Anti-SJW kids.

            I’m not just seeing millennials bringing this issue to the forefront of social awareness, there’s a good deal of older pundits jumping in on the action, too.

          • Pratim Gupta

            We just want everything to go back to normal, is it too much too ask, Devs are getting sandwiched between those two.

          • Alistair

            “Both of you just shut up and let us enjoy our game”

            Don’t know that was aim at me or what.

            Anti SJWs = Anti censorship there no other group I do not see moderates any better and they suppose to have a open mind.

            People that boycott games are doing so because they don’t want a dev that appease SJWs retards and censored any game and force social justice into games.

            Buy any game that is censored and have force SJ shows hypocrisy at worst.

          • Pratim Gupta

            This is becoming Skyrim civil war

  • AgentBJ09

    Give me a dog, a .308 rifle and a Jeep, and I’m all set.

    Hell, give me Horatio Caine’s aviators and a pistol and I’ll be right at home.

    • Oh I hope they have a good collection of American made pistols. I admit that it would be tough to pass up the game if they have some classic Colts in the collection.

      • What do you want to bet they’ll bring the same old Kimber Warrior they’ve had since FC3? Because honestly, it wouldn’t feel right to not have a 1911 or derivative thereof in the game.

        (Interesting sidenote: Agent Willis isn’t joking when he says in the “1911” Guidebook entry in FC3 that it’s similar to the .45cal pistols sometimes used by US special forces: The Warrior model is based on the MCSOCOM ICQB, also made by Kimber.)

      • AgentBJ09

        A Ruger, Colt, or Springfield would be good choices.

        • Definitely some Springfields. I feel like we don’t get enough bolt-action rifles in FPS games these days. It would be nice to see a variety of them in the game (along with some good customization options).