Far Cry 5 Teaser Video Reveals Montana Location With Psycho Hunters
Far Cry 5
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

An announcement trailer for an announcement trailer was recently announced by Ubisoft. The trailer is only 41 seconds long but it’s filled with a lot of little tidbits of information for gamers to glean from the teaser.

The teaser starts with a look at some peaceful real-life shots of Montana in the United States. Amid the pristine look at the quaint rural countryside and idyllic pastures, we hear men screaming, see guys running through fields, and we get a glimpse of what looks like a potential psycho hillbilly using the head of another man to ring a church bell. Check it out below.

Some people are already drawing comparisons to Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 2, both of which were also horror-themed games around psycho hillybilly concepts. However in the case of Outlast 2 it was more-so about religious nuts who were brainwashed as opposed to just being crazy cultist monsters.

In the case of Far Cry 5, the full reveal is set to go live on May 26th and based on the trailer it looks like some outback hunters are tracking down and killing people in Hope County, Montana.

Given that they mention a county and not a city, it seems to give the impression that the game may take place across various cities within Montana.

Of course, there are some obvious questions that arise: such as if you’re a civilian why not just call the police? Unless some other thing is going on where the police are unavailable. Also, we know that the setting is modern enough where electricity and telephones exist.

The only thing that’s throwing it off is the fact that the one hunter in the church bell tower had a classic bolt-action hunting rifle strapped on his back, so it’s tough to tell exactly how modern the game is.

Anyway, we’ll fully find out exactly what the gameplay will be like on May 26th. I’m hoping it’s like the movie Hard Target or that old Rutger Hauer movie Surviving The Game.

Originally when Ubisoft asked on their forum boards if people were excited about Far Cry 5 the response was “it depends”. I suppose the verdict is still out until Ubisoft rolls out the official and full trailer on May 26th.

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  • Mr.Towel

    The 90s called, they want their ideas back.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    Ah, yes, christian psycho-cults. What a relevant threat that hasn’t been overdone to death. I mean, do you remember all those recent terror acts and raping committed by hilly-billies in Europe? /s

  • John Sorger

    Somebody really needs to inform Ubisoft that SJW nightmares don’t sell.


    If this is going to be another, “fuck white people, white people are religious nut job cultists” situation, I’m probably not going to touch this shit. I’m so goddamn sick of the religious nut job trope, you just don’t know.

    • Keystone

      Even if it isn’t, it’s just going to be another typical Copy/Paste Ubisoft game with massive graphical downgrades. That much is guaranteed.

    • Phasmatis75

      From leaks yes. All the villains are Christians (and white) with a white movie star backing them. All the heroes are leftists and empowerment characters.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Maybe climbing up a church tower and banging some guy’s head on the bell is the way to update your map?

    • That wouldn’t be a bad way about it. Heck, I wonder if you’re actually the hunter? You go around, killing people and you need to snag a head and ring a church bell in order to uncover the next segment.

      • Hawk Hopper

        That sounds interesting, so it won’t be included in an Ubisoft game.

      • Phasmatis75

        Leaks show you’re fighting a Christian cult.

  • tajlund

    Was really hoping for a western, not more Ubisoft cut and paste. Plus it’s in my neck of the woods, so thanks Ubisoft for making us in MT look like shit.

    • Phasmatis75

      Yeah I thought it’d be an evil white conquers story, instead it’s an evil white religious story.

  • giygas