Flight Sim World, Airplane Simulator To Hit Steam In May

Dovetail Games has a new game in the works that is set to come out sometime this year during May. This title takes up the flying simulator role and goes by the name of Flight Sim World. The game itself is set to come out for PC via Steam in May, sometime later this month.

Publisher and developer Dovetail Games is planning on making a flight sim that goes by the name of Flight Sim World, featuring hundreds of fully functional buttons in a plane’s cockpit that control an aircraft for testing purposes and joy riding.

Said to be based on benchmark tech, FSW includes the whole world to fly around in, as well as several twin propeller aircraft for beginners. This means that both veterans of the sky and newbies who are a bit afraid to take to the skies should have equal amounts of fun when playing Flight Sim World.

“Based on benchmark technology, Flight Sim World is a flight simulation platform due to release into Early Access in May 2017. FSW includes ultra-detailed GA aircraft, comprehensive flight planner, and an advanced flight model with more features planned for the coming months.”

Posted up as of this writing comes the announcement trailer showing Flight Sim World, which comes in by the game’s official channel.

The developers noted that the game’s aircraft were modeled and rendered as close to their real counterparts to provide a familiar look and flight experience.

I’m not sure how this game will turn out or if it will be just another flight sim in the pool of an ever-growing amount of existing games. However, it isĀ  nice to know that the devs will add in the tools they are using to build the game, as way for for gamers modify and engage in Flight Sim World when Early Access rolls around.

So far, the game has no official release date besides a tentative Early Access release of May. For more info on Flight Sim World you can visit its newly posted Steam Coming Soon page or flightsimworld.com.

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