French Electoral Commission Prohibits News Media From Reporting On Macron E-Mail Leaks
Macron Leak
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2017)

The French Electoral Commission has forbade news media in France from reporting on the e-mail leaks about Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. A report from the Independent indicates that media are prohibited from reporting on the leaks because it may influence the outcome of the election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

The news media, elsewhere, have been blaming Russia for the leaks, the same as they did during the U.S., elections, even though Wikileaks denied Russian involvement with the Podesta e-mail leaks, and Russia denied involvement with the Podesta e-mail leaks. In the Independent article they cite comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin who tersely stated…

“We never interfere in other countries’ politics and we want no one to meddle in ours,” […]


“Unfortunately, we have seen the opposite happening for years. We have seen attempts to influence political processes in Russia through the so-called NGOs and directly.


“Realising the futility of such efforts, it has never occurred to us to interfere.”

The other question is: what does Russia gain from interfering with elections that have nothing to do with them?

Of course, a lot of Regressives have ignored common sense and facts, and have continued to blame Russia while mounting tensions surrounding globalization and immigration across the United States and various parts of Europe who have adopted open borders have led a lot of people to reject the establishment’s push for broader adoption of globalization, open borders and vet-free refugee asylum.

Le Pen stands as the opposite side of the establishment that Macron represents, and it’s looking as if it could be a Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton all over again.

While French news media have accepted the ban on reporting on the Macron leaks – as part of their laws to establish a blackout on news coverage of either candidate a day before the polls open – 4chan members have been spreading the leaked e-mails to wake up the citizens of France.

Wikileaks also joined in, linking to the pastebin file containing the leaked e-mails.

According to The Hill, the French Electoral Commission took things a step further by stating that the documents may contain “false information”, even though Wikileaks stated that they haven’t come across any fake documents. The article then goes on to say that the Electoral Commission doesn’t want the internet to discuss Macron’s e-mails…

“The commission said that some documents released in the leak appeared to contain “false information” and urged media and internet users to “show a spirit of responsibility” by not publishing the documents before the election.”

Regressive media journalists were quick to advocate the censorship of the Macron leaks, with Lawfare’s managing editor, Susan Hennessey, encouraging other journalists outside of France to not report on the leaks.

Internet denizens were quick to reproach Hennessey for her stance.

Some news outlets, such as Quartz, even went so far as to say that censoring the e-mails from public scrutiny would be in favor of protecting the democratic process.

What’s more is that Gotnews, uncovered some startling truths in the leaked documents. They cross-referenced some of e-mails and information contained therein and found that Emmanuel Macron – a supposed male feminist – actually pays his female staff less than his male staff… 25.7% less, in fact.

It will be interesting to see if French citizens do their own diligence to seek out the leaked documents and survey them for their own selves before heading to the booths and electing their next President.

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  • Disqusted

    I heard the lamestream are also blaming “far right” and “alt-right”, even describing 4chan as “American right-wing”. The news where I live repeatedly emphasizes Le Pen as “controversial far right”. They’re so full of shit.

    It’s especially telling how they immediately decide the leaks are fake, and always approach the situation from that angle. They seem to intentionally avoid talking with even the slightest possibility that the leaks may even be real.

    Actual journalism should be about objectively reporting the facts, or at worst, conveying information. It should not be about telling people how to think. Who the hell are they to decide that for us??

    The fact is, if Macron has something to hide, and it’s big enough that the whole damn media and big companies are trying to cover it up, then he’s probably not someone you want to be making life-changing decisions for you.

    Let’s entertain the possibility that the leaks are “fake”. Is it really that easy to fake so many documents? If so, why hasn’t anybody made such fakes for Trump, or Le Pen? Obviously it’s not as easy as the media tries to imply, or else Trump and Le Pen would be buried in piles of fake leaks.

    I’ve seen people point out that if the leak was about Le Pen, the media would be forcing it down everyone’s throats and instead of running for the hills. It also stinks like hell that an ex-president like Obummer went out of his way to endorse Macron, like anyone gives a flying f**k what he thinks. Same guy bitching about Russians interfering tells France and Britain how to vote.

  • AlecJ

    More proof the much of the media has chosen to rely on ideology rather than truth in reporting.

    Also, often, what ISNT reported is far more sinister than what is….

    We live in an era of dishonesty in advancement of agenda…..and the agenda is treasure and power for the elites.

    France will collapse, they are at almost 100% GDP to debt ratio and both these candidates are status quo when it comes to their backward Keynesian ways.

    I just dont understand how the world continues down a path that so obviously leads to ruin…..oh, wait….

    And that brings us back to the dishonest media…..

    • Disqusted

      That’s the biggest problem, I think. People don’t wonder about what ISN’T being reported. They think whatever’s reported is everything, and make judgments based on that. That’s a horribly flawed perspective.

      They also believe the mainstream media is independent and responsible, when in fact they are just puppets of powerful people. The real independent journalists are easily bullied and wiped out.

  • LurkerJK

    Censorship as damage control is not an effective strategy in the internet era

    I’m always surprised they keep resorting to it, it doesn’t fucking work and trying to hide it just makes ppl assume the worst, it only works for ppl that are already married with to idea of voting macron and would dismiss any bad press anyway
    is it arrogance ? Do the media still think they control the narrative and failed to notice how everyone is laughing behind their backs? How many times does reality need to punch them right in the face ?

    • Disqusted

      I guess their stupid reaction isn’t really surprising when they’re a bunch of sociopaths who don’t know or care about how regular people think or live.

      Hillary’s leaks already showed that they seriously think we are stupid. I’ve also noticed that liberals/Hillary supporters/SJWs/etc, whatever they’re called, seem to always think they’re geniuses and everyone else is stupid.

  • GuyverOne

    “Journalists could face criminal charges for violating laws preventing influence on vote” That is mind blowing, western media has been helping to influence elections for quite some time but when reporting a new story could go against the establishment it’s jail time!

    • EroBotan

      The next Erdogan!

    • Disqusted

      Meanwhile an ex U.S. president who bitches about outside influences but endorses a French candidate is okay.

  • ShepardRahl

    I know of the Macron leaks but I don’t know the details. What exactly is in the e-mails that is making them censor happy?

    • GuyverOne

      Lots of stuff about his campaign and some info that appears to suggest he is avoiding paying tax in France by sending millions of his money to cayman banks.

      • MONAD

        There’s also the disturbing reveal that he’s planning to Islamize France.

        • Disqusted

          Thought it was pretty obvious, even without the leaks. Isn’t he the same guy saying “terror attacks are an ordinary daily occurrence, get used to them” or something like that? Or was that another dumb asshole?

          I hear he also said anyone who supports Le Pen is a “hateful coward” and a “traitor to France”. I’m sure that’ll convince people to vote for him. Yup.

          “Vote for me or you’re a piece of shit!!!” said no presidential election winner ever.

          • ShepardRahl

            Well apparently he won, and all of the comments on other sites I have seen so far are all basically kissing France goodbye because they just voted to sell it out to islam. I haven’t followed the election, but with everybody voicing the same concerns I’m guessing it’s a very real threat.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, he probably cheated. I mean, with the stakes that high and Hillary failing, they had to make sure Macron won, no matter what.

    • Disqusted

      I hear he used his real name and address to buy illegal meth, using bitcoins. No details on what he actually used the meth for.

      I also hear the leaks show that he’s connected to the people running the election (ie. they’re rigged) as well as connections to the police.

      The rest have already been described by other commenters.

  • Hawk Hopper

    “Democracy can only survive if the establishment covers up everything pertaining to the government.”

    That almost sounds like something a stereotypical Russian would say, but it is instead being said by liberals.

    • Marxist Liberals who hate Russians, nonetheless.

      The irony is so thick you would need a translator to facepalm.

    • EroBotan

      I hope french people still has common sense and can think for themselves, because no one sane will still vote for macron after this obvious censorship incident.

      • Disqusted

        Well, Macron still won. Probably by cheating, since he’s buddies with the election management.

        Edit: I’d imagine it’s also a lot easier to rig an election in France than it is to rig the entire United States.

        • EroBotan

          haha, france is doomed!

  • Gorgon

    By doing this, they only push their audience towards independent media who will actually report on this. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. It’s like they have never heard of Streisand Effect.

  • Gorgon

    By doing this, they only push their audience towards independent media who will actually report on this. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. It’s like they have never heard of Streisand Effect.

  • Gorgon

    By doing this, they only push their audience towards independent media who will actually report on this. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. It’s like they have never heard of Streisand Effect.

  • Gorgon

    By doing this, they only push their audience towards independent media who will actually report on this. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. It’s like they have never heard of Streisand Effect.