GeneShift Takes A Page Out Of GTA 2 While Offering 4-Player Co-op Story

GeneShift from indie devs Nik Nak Studios isn’t a total conversion mod of GTA 2. It’s not a server injector for Rockstar’s open-world action game, and it doesn’t rely on anything remotely hinging on the prospect of getting a C&D from Take-Two Interactive. Instead, it borrows the top-down action-oriented view from GTA 2, along with featuring similar vehicle and gunplay mechanics. However, unlike Rockstar’s game GeneShift offers four-player co-op, user generated maps, mutant abilities, and the ability to perform drive-by shootings.

There are 30 different kinds of tactical kills that can be executed, up to 10 players can do battle in 5-vs-5 deathmatch, CTF, check point racing or zombie survival, and you can build your own secret base.

You can check out the debut trailer for GeneShift below.

The trailer centers around a bunch of players hopping onto the back of a flatbed and then driving around town and blowing the crap out of stuff.

The game is like a top-down arcade shooter but with the added elements of being able to race cars, stack vehicles, fight zombies, and complete the story mode with up to three other friends. There are also additional modes and content to explore in the open world as well.

There’s a futuristic, sci-fi element to GeneShift that helps give it a bit of its own identity, but the real standout in my opinion are the vehicle physics. It looks like a really cool game as far as the handling vehicle dynamics are concerned.

GeneShift is expected to land in Early Access on May 23rd. It’s been in development since 2008, and the team is finally ready to finalize the game. There is no estimate on how long the game will be in Early Access, but you can get an idea of where it stands thanks to a free demo being available right now over on the Steam store page.


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