GOG Reminds Gamers That Blackwood Crossing Is Available DRM-Free

Blackwood Crossing

GOG sent out a reminder that PaperSeven and Vision Game Publishing’s Blackwood Crossing is on GOG.com. The quirky, heartfelt adventure game is available as a DRM-free download for only $15.99.

The game follows a brother and sister duo who are taking a long train ride to their destination, but find themselves dealing with a lot more than what they bargained for when mysterious figures start appearing and magic seems to take over the train.

If you have no idea what the game looks like you can check out the trailer below to get caught up to speed.

It’s hard to get a grasp on the game based on the trailer alone, but apparently it’s not very big given that it’s only 3GB in size. Then again maybe the developers are extremely efficient when it comes to compression and found a way to shrink down all the important bits into some tiny file sizes?

Anyway, the game is billed as a story-driven first-person adventure game. Players will have to solve various puzzles in order to progress the game, as indicated in the trailer above.

According to to the GOG.com discovery tab, the community seems to have labeled Blackwood Crossing as a walking simulator. If that’s the case then it’s entirely possible that this would explain why the game is only 3GB.

The title came out back in April last month but it was pretty easy to miss given all the other high-profile titles that came out during March and April. That’s not to mention that single-A games or mid-budget titles oftentimes fly well under the radar unless media outlets regularly pump out news or info about them… at which point it must be stated that most news media outlets don’t.

The game seems to remind me a little bit of What Remains of Edith Finch. I hope it’s not as sad, though.

Anyway, if you were interested in a narrative-driven first-person game with a lot of puzzles, you can check out Blackwood Crossing over on GOG.com.

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