Hacktag, Co-op Espionage Game Enters Early Access May 18th
Hacktag Release Date

There’s a really cool, isometric, co-op espionage title in the works called Hacktag. It’s in development by Piece of Cake Studios. The game doesn’t seem much like a piece of cake, though. You’ll have to use wits, strategy, timing and cooperative tactics in order to complete the missions centered around infiltrating high-tech corporations.

A press release was sent out indicating that Hacktag will land on Steam’s Early Access on May 18th.

The game sees a mercenary and a hacker teaming up together to infiltrate various missions, using stealth and arcade-style gameplay to reward players with tense, action-filled gameplay similar to the original Metal Gear Solid on the PSX.

You can see what the gameplay for Hacktag is like with the trailer below, which briefly covers the gameplay, the cooperative gameplay, and the customization features that allow you to tweak and modify the characters to your liking.

The game actually looks a heck o f a lot better than what I was expecting.

Hacktag takes on a similar kind of gameplay thematic like Invisible, Inc., Catch Me, or The Masterplan. It’s a sub-genre of the stealth segment of gaming that has recently seen an uptick of new entries lately, and that’s certainly a good thing because variety is the spice of life… especially in sub-genres that are oftentimes completely ignored by the larger publishing studios.

Hacktag features three procedurally generated corporations with three types of missions to take on, so you will get a near infinite amount of possibilities every time you start a new game. There is both local and online multiplayer co-op, so you can either take a significant other with you into the danger zone or team up with a buddy online when you play.

The game also has an emergent story that supposedly unfolds differently for each player and their encounter with the NPCs in the game.

You can learn more by visiting the official Steam store page or look for the game to launch on May 18th.


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