Hello Neighbor Alpha 4: Here’s How To Get The Secret Ending

Looking to find the secret ending in TinyBuild Games and Dynamic Pixels’ Hello Neighbor Alpha 4? If so, hopefully this guide will help you out in getting through some of the jumping parts, red key finding and navigating through the neighbor’s house. Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 is out now for PC.

Spoiler Warning: I should not that if you are not up for spoilers or anything that could potentially ruin the anticipation or thrill behind uncovering what the neighbor has going on in his strange house, I suggest that you turn back now if you don’t want the story spoiled..

With the spoiler warning out of the way, if you are stuck in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 and you are looking for a way to access certain points like the basement or find the red key, this guide will hopefully help you out thanks to YouTuber Bijuu Mike and ManlyBadassHero.

Red Key And Where To Find its Location

The red key can be found in the very beginning inside the car’s trunk that you spawn near. This can be done by rummaging through the back of the car and the key should be lying right there for you to pick up.

Getting Up The Rooftops

Coordination and jumping in some games can be tricky, if you have trouble trying to get up the pipes and roof segment near the train-tracks, a visual guide can be seen below at 3:25 in Bijuu Mike’s video.

Finding And Using the Toy Gun

A video by Video Game News has the location on where to find the Toy Gun, as seen below.

At 3:52 in Bijuu Mike’s video reveals where to use the Toy Gun.

Jumping Puzzle In The Big Room

Once inside the really gigantic room there is a toaster that will launch you upwards after jumping on slanted shelves to reach said object. Next you will need to reach the light at the top of the ceiling where there is a pulley. This will turn everything to normal size and you will be able to leave with the double jump feat. This can be seen at 5:00 to 9:31 in Bijuu Mike’s video.

The Basement

The basement scene and the double jump segment can be seen below at 10:02, which a video by ManlyBadassHero covers some of the basement and the secret ending.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.


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