Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Launch Trailer Features Music From Hideki Naganuma
Hover Revolt of Gamers

Fusty Games Hover: Revolt of Gamers launches tomorrow on May 31st. A day ahead of the game’s official launch the developers released a new launch trailer and one of the tracks from Hideki Naganuma’s OST for the game.

As you can tell from the imagery, Hover is a spiritual successor to Sega’s Jet Set Radio franchise, which was a niche, music-oriented, 3D platforming racing game. It was a challenging title that really tried something new by infusing youth rebellion with counter-culture art and music. That’s literally the plot for Hover, where an authoritarian alien menace is trying to snuff out creativity and freedom of expression on a colorful neon planet where the youth are used to their free expression, music and artistic endeavors.

You can see how it all comes together with the launch trailer below, which clocks in at just a minute and a half.

The trailer features a electronic pop song from Naganuma, all while detailing some of the features and modes present in Hover: Revolt of Gamers, such as having nine playable characters to choose from, customization features so you can customize your characters the way you want, and take them for a spin in a giant open-world city sandbox where you can ride, jump, hop, bop and race around to your heart’s content.

There are over 90 different missions to complete and a variety of different game modes to complete, including stealth missions, timed missions, attack runs, escape quests, collection modes, and even both solo and online cooperative missions.

The game looks like it could be a huge blast of fun. The game is still currently in Early Access on Steam but that all ends tomorrow when the game graduates from the development platform and launches in full for PC gamers. The home console version is still a ways off from release, but maybe if it does well enough on Steam we could see a Nintendo Switch port? I can’t tell how awesome it would be to see Hover: Revolt of Gamers make its way onto the Switch.

You can learn more about the 3D, music-drenched, neon-colored platformer by checking out the Steam store page.


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