Hyperun, Fast-Racing Game Set To Hit Steam This Year

Once featured on Steam Greenlight and now set to be playable on Steam sometime in 2017 is Concrete Games’ Hyperun. The game will not hit Steam Early Access, which means that it will debut as a finished product when the fast-paced racing game release date rolls around.

There are some fast indie racing games out there that feature absurd tracks coupled with high-speed racing machines, but I think that Concrete Games took that theme a bit further than others with its game Hyperun. In addition to this, the game is all about making split second turns and moving at insane speeds through disconnected and floating stages.

Furthermore, Hyperun mixes driving skills with an endurance style game mode to make up the fast-paced formula presented. With that said the official description is up for you to read.

“Hyperun is an interplanetary speed and score event set in the future. It is regarded as the fastest and most dangerous sport in the galaxy. The game is a mix of driving skills, endurance, style and gravity defying roads.”

Featured in this game comes the overdone “procedural maps” or, in this case, instead of maps it would be roads. Moreover, Hyperun makes use of 90 degree turns that can be tricky when it comes to hair-pins and chicanes, which is where I expect most of the challenges to occur when racing through the procedural roads.

Showing fast-paced racing, tricks, stunts and all of the above, comes the official trailer by Corentin Xa‘s YouTube channel.

In my personal opinion, the game kinda reminds me of an app game for a mobile device. However, I like how much skill it demands in terms of quick reactions without it being a QTE simulator. Hopefully the game contains memorable tracks and well structured obstacles to keep the game feeling fast.

Anyway, you can find out more about Hyperun by heading over to its newly posted Steam page or you can hit up its main site.


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