Injustice 2 Beginner’s Guide: Combos For The Flash, Batman And Supergirl

If you are new to Injustice 2 and seek a beginner’s guide on how to play the Flash, Batman and/or Supergirl, hopefully this guide will help you out. Warner Bros. Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices.

Notice: This guide is not for advanced players or veterans of fighting games. This beginner’s guide is solely for newcomers looking to get into Injustice 2 and learn basic combos to improve their skill. It’s also worth noting to practice with a cooperative player or against the AI to sharpen your play style.

The Flash

For starters we’ll take a look at the Flash; who has garnered quite a bit of attention across varies YouTube channels in that folks want to learn how to play him. A video guide by TheUnderDawgGaming teaches players how to go from doing easy to advanced combos when using the Flash. Button layout and directions in said YouTuber’s video can be seen below for both PS4 and Xbox One.


  • 1 = Square
  • 2 = Triangle
  • 3 = X
  • 4 = Circle (character trait)

Xbox One:

  • 1 = X
  • 2 = Y
  • 3 = A
  • 4 = B (character trait)
  • LT = Bat


  • f = forward
  • b = back
  • d = down
  • u = up
  • qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
  • hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back
  • NJ = neutral jump
  • MB = Meter Burn (Enhanced Attack)


Next up comes a combo guide and the “Best Way to Play” Batman video, which comes in by IGN. The video teaches newcomers how to use Batman in Injustice 2 and covers his moves, basic combos and how to link/string different moves together. This can offer significant amounts of damage and will also keep your opponent from attacking you since they are caught in your combos.


Last on this list comes Supergirl. The guide below runs through her moves and some setups that newcomers can use against other opponents. A lot of her moves consist of her pounding away and using either grab moves or a form of air attacks. As of course, more information lies below thanks to YouTuber Shujinkydink.

Concluding this guide comes a basic guide and tutorial for the iOS and Android version of the game. The video by TheHackingFreak takes players through a list of features that are embedded in the mobile version of Injustice 2 and what folks should consider doing in said version.

Injustice 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices.


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