Injustice 2 Story And Endings Explained
Injustice 2 - Catwoman
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

Now that Injustice 2 is up and out for the masses to consume, one of the most talked about aspects of the game is the story mode. It’s odd for a fighting game to have such a compelling story, but they managed to accomplish it with Injustice 2 on PS4 and Xbox One. There are some shocking twists that take place and if you want all the details this article lays it out nice and neat.

During the main story mode the game starts with Brainiac’s attack on Krypton. Kara barely manages to escape from the planet alive thanks to her mother. Unfortunately for her, during the explosion of Krypton her spacecraft veers off course away from Kal-el/Clark, and it takes her decades to reach Earth, long after Clark arrives there as a baby.

Injustice 2

The game then switches to Bruce Wayne in court recounting the fall of Superman from the original Injustice, explaining how the Joker tricked and drugged Superman, forcing him to kill Lois, their unborn son and set off the bomb that destroyed most of Metropolis. Superman then went on a militant rage after killing the Joker by exacting justice on criminals with extreme prejudice. They then do a flashback sequence to show how Superman and Bruce butted heads, as well as how Damien ended up joining up with Superman when he slits the throat of Victor Zsasz.

In the present day, Superman and Damien are in jail, and Batman uses Green Arrow and Black Canary from the other Earth dimension to help investigate Gorilla Grodd’s growing Society, known as Gorilla City. Grodd plans on dismantling the remnants of Superman’s militant Regime, using Deadshot, Bane, Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Captain Cold, Scarecrow and Catwoman to help him carry out his mission.

Injustice 2 Joker

Canary and Arrow join up with Harley to infiltrate Grodd’s society. Canary and Arrow defeat Grodd but are warned by Dr. Fate that a much greater threat loomed. After Dr. Fate warns Canary and Arrow about the threat, offering them safe harbor – to which they decline – he leaves. However, Brainiac captures Arrow and Canary, and informs them about his mission to discard Earth after acquiring Kara and Superman.

Brainiac then reveals that the Big Brother computer Bruce was using to monitor global activity has been usurped by Brainiac. Brainiac plans on recapturing Superman and destroying Earth in the process. Bruce then puts on BAMF suit and prepares to kick butt.

Others begin to join the fight, including The Flash, who attempts to save people in Gotham being killed by Brainiac’s forces. Flash defeats Captain Cold and Deadshot, and finds out that Deadshot is being coerced to work with Grodd due to having a bomb implanted in his head.

Injustice 2 - Aquaman

Flash eventually meets up with Green Lantern, who has been required by the Guardians to defend Earth from Brainiac. Green Lantern attempts to recruit Aquaman, but Atrocitus intervenes on behalf of the victims of those who died at the hands of the Yellow Lantern Corps., under Sinistro’s command during the first Injustice. Atrocitus offers Green Lantern an opportunity to join the Red Lantern Corps., but Hal declines.

Meanwhile Blue Beetle and Firestorm are on guard duty to make sure Superman, Damien and Cyborg aren’t freed.

Kara, Wonder Woman and Black Atom attempt to free Superman. They free Damien and Cyborg, who then attempt to get Superman out of his capsule.

Batman eventually frees Superman in order to stop Brainiac, due to running out of options.

Batman has Cyborg and Catwoman recover the Bat Computer’s AI so they can gain surveillance, and then sends Kara and Wonder Woman to evacuate civilians from Gotham and Metropolis, to which Wonder Woman disagrees.

While helping the citizens evacuate, Wonder Woman battles and defeats, Captain Cold, Reverse-Flash, Scarecrow and Cheetah, but before she can kill Cheetah she’s disarmed by Harley who reminds Wonder Woman that they have a “no kill” rule. Wonder Woman, however, impales Harley with her sword for giving her a “lecture” about the no kill rule, leaving Harley to bleed out to death on the street.

Kara heals Harley and confronts Superman about how he and Diana have been killing criminals.

Superman gives Kara an ultimatum of either joining him or standing against him.

Meanwhile Batman and Catwoman manage to make their way toward Brainiac’s skull ship, but they’re unable to get inside due to a force-field.

Black Adam and Aquaman head through a portal to get enough power to disrupt Brainiac’s ship using the magic rock and Aquaman’s Trident. Grodd, however, follows Adam and Aquaman to the rock and attempts to waylay them but Aquaman defeats him and kills Grodd.

Aquaman then uses the Trident to destroy Brainiac’s shields, allowing Batman and Supergirl to infiltrate the skull ship.

Supergirl gets captured, however, and Batman is nearly killed until Superman comes to save him.

The World’s Finest team up to take down Brainiac, but Dr. Fate comes to intercede. Batman and Superman manage to defeat Dr. Fate. As Superman crushes the helmet, Brainiac takes the opportunity to impale and kill Dr. Fate.

Batman and Superman manage to defeat Brainiac, and Batman uses a neural uplink disruptor that Cyborg created in order to break the connection Brainiac has over the betas, which weakens their attack on Earth, and also spares Kara from being vivisected.

Superman hooks himself up to the skull ship and attempts to restore Gotham, but is unable to restore Metropolis and Coast City.

Superman attempts to kill Brainiac, but Batman, the Flash, Kara and Green Lantern stop him. Batman says that they need Brainiac alive to restore the other cities, Superman claims that he can restore the cities on his own without Brainiac by using the skull ship.

A fight ensues.

Batman’s Ending

In Batman’s ending he lures Superman to the old Batcave and uses a Kryptonite-powered suit to defeat Wonder Woman and Superman.

After knocking out Superman, Batman uses golden kryptonite to completely de-power Superman permanently and then trap him in the Phantom Zone. Batman and Kara join up to start a new Justice League.

Injustice 2- Batman Mind-Controlled

Superman’s Ending

In Superman’s ending, during the fight on Brainiac’s ship he and Green Lantern battle, and Superman crushes the Lantern’s hand and breaks the ring.

Superman then defeats the Flash, and follows Kara into the old Bat Cave and proceeds to incapacitate Supergirl.

Superman and Batman then fight, with Batman wearing his powered-up Kryptonite suit.

Superman manages to overcome Batman and defeat him. Instead of killing Batman, Superman bonds with Brainiac’s ship and uses the mind control to finally get his way. Superman restores the lost cities, and keeps Kara in a red-sunned cell until she decides to join him and Wonder Woman. He re-establishes a much more powerful order than that of the Regime and uses Brainiac’s powers to put Batman under his spell, forcibly making him fight on his side.

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  • TylorW

    I’d never thought that DC would make me cheer for Harley, but my God, they found a way. 😉

    Also: Green Arrow and Canary? Finally married? Happy and with a kid?!


    It’s like someone at NRS actually LIKES the pair, and knows how to make the couple relationship work without forcing bullshit drama to separate them (…….I’m looking at you, One More Day).

    • I also liked how they mixed in a return of the Joker for Harley via Scarecrow. I was wondering how they would do that.

      Superman was a bit of a dick, but I really think they should have made his resolve rest more in the influence of Wonder Woman. She seemed more evil without good cause, and I think they should have played up the part of her convincing Superman to kill like they did in the segment with her and Scarecrow. Also, some measure of regret or doubt would have gone a long way in making her a lot more sympathetic.

      I didn’t like Batman here, though. He was such an annoying SOB. I did like how Damien checked him in the beginning about not killing but having no problems giving someone brain damage. I wish they would have played up that contrast just a bit more (especially considering that Superman wasn’t willing to torture or cause undue harm but was willing to kill; interesting moral juxtapositions there).

      • TylorW

        I didn’t get so much of they annoying SOB vibe from Bats, but that just might be me.

        Also, that thing with Superman and no torture is kind of a moot point if you remember what happened with Shazam in the first game (I’m pretty sure that’s torture, among many other eff’ed up things). There are also lengths he went to in order to maintain his Regime, especially when he resorted things to revealing Batman’s identity in the comics and all the can of worms that opened, and planning mass executions for anyone who disagreed with him.

        I wonder if they’ll ever try making the point that if things happened just a little differently, Batman and Superman would’ve been on completely different sides compared to where they are now. There’s this feeling that I have that if Superman did not kill the Joker when he did, Batman would have done so himself. Really don’t have nothing to back this up, of course, but it feels like something he would’ve done so the sin isn’t on Superman.

        As for Wonder Woman……I don’t know. From what I understand from the Injustice comic tie-in, none of this would’ve happened had she not tried to intervene with Superman right after he killed the Joker. She’s the one who influenced him into becoming who he is now just so she could replace the spot Lois had in his heart, and never stopped to reconsider for even a second that what she’s doing is wrong. At this point, she more than likely too far gone to the point to where she probably would even kill Superman if he ever went decided to go good because of her refusing to believe that she’s in the wrong.

        • There’s this feeling that I have that if Superman did not kill the Joker when he did, Batman would have done so himself. Really don’t have nothing to back this up, of course, but it feels like something he would’ve done so the sin isn’t on Superman.

          See, to me it’s far more interesting to see Batman go the route Superman did.

          Batman didn’t have the moral upbringing of Superman, which is why it was always immersion-breaking for me to see Superman turn evil without kryptonite influencing him.

          Superman was raised by three upstanding parents, Martha and Johnathan, and received tons of moral guidance and lessons about responsibility from Jor-El. It always makes no sense to me when they make Superman go evil unless he’s mind-controlled because the core of his character was built on a moral platform, with or without his powers.

          For me, it’s so much easier to see Batman dive into the sin of murder… his character — even oftentimes repeated across various mediums — stands at the edge of the abyss. I thought the slight alteration in his upbringing in the alternate Earth turned him into Owlman, which to me made a lot of sense.

          Batman as a murderer just seems like such an easy thing to write. Him establishing a kill-on-sight Regime against criminals just seems so much more in-line with his character.

          Heck, the whole story arc writes itself: Batman becomes so wrecked with guilt over not having killed people like the Joker, Bane, Killer Croc and Scarecrow, he finally snaps after Joker drugs Batman to kill Lois and her unborn kid. The guilt of having killed Superman’s love makes him more blood-lusted, and Batman goes over the edge, even more-so because of all the times he didn’t kill the Joker when he had a chance.

          Heck, now that would be an awesome story to see unfold, especially with Superman dealing with the pain and suffering of Lois’ death while having to stop his blood-lusted friend from going on a killing spree. It would also make sense why Batman would never kill Superman in that arc because he would still feel guilty for having mistakenly killed Lois.

      • TheNightmareIsReal

        They should have made it, and may still, Wonder Woman somehow fell under Ares control, and using that with the death of Lois, manipulated Superman to do the things Ares would have wanted.

        • Man that would have been a really cool story arc. Maybe they’ll go that route in Injustice 3? Wonder Woman could most definitely be a cool main super villain if it’s handled right.