Interstellar Prime, 1st/3rd-Person Space Sim Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Dreamcatcher Studio wants to bring a game that features ground and space battles, first-person shooter mechanics, third-person navigation, real-time strategy conflicts, base building, fully functional ships and planetary colonization to PC gamers. All the named features are pretty much visible in Interstellar Prime’s new videos.

Graphically Interstellar Prime isn’t anything to write home about at this point, but the game does hold a lot of promising features that are shown and function like the devs noted; the whole thing just needs to be polished to make it more pleasing to the eye.

In addition to the above, all of this can be slightly forgiven given that the indie multi-genre game is running through Steam Greenlight. In other words it’s expected that quite a bit of features are unpolished given the size of the team and the platform it’s currently on.

Moreover, we learn that the game will feature some sort of story, which the official description explaining Interstellar Prime sits below:

“INTERSTELLAR PRIME is a unique new genre that combines a 3rd person RPG, real-time strategy, and space simulation in a seamless gameplay. The story takes place 150 years in the future when mankind finally acquired all the necessary technological advancement to contour space. The real question is, does humanity have what it takes to be a space-faring species? This game will take you on an action-packed journey in a scientifically driven story that is mysterious, philosophical, thought-provoking that would leave you in awe and wonder about the Universe.”

I really do like the ambition behind the devs making this game, I just hope they stick to the project and see it through to the end, because, really, this game for its scale and the size of the team is quite impressive to actually have gameplay up and to have original and none stolen assets.

You can check out two new videos covering Interstellar Prime’s features. Both videos come in thanks to Dreamcatcher Studio.

If the devs can keep at it and polish up the graphics, lighting, textures and models, I really do think when its 2018 release rolls around the game could offer a unique first-person/third-person, RTS, space to ground simulation like no other — that is if the devs choose to stick around.

If you have found Interstellar Prime to be interesting and wish to help it you can by heading over to Steam Greenlight and vote. For additional information you can hit up the team’s Facebook page until an official website appears or you can download a playable demo over on


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