Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Due For Release Within The Next 3 Years, Says Square
Kingdom Hearts 3
(Last Updated On: May 27, 2017)

Square Enix has been peppered with questions from fans about when Kingdom Hearts III will be released. It was first showcased years ago during a presentation of Square Enix software during Sony’s E3 press conference back in 2013. Four years later and we still have no ETA on when the game will launch… well, sort of.

TechRaptor noted that Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda didn’t seem entirely sure about the release window for Kingdom Hearts III or the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, stating that both games are due for release at some point within the next three years…

“We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so.”

This means that both games won’t arrive until anywhere between fall of 2017 and sometime during 2020.

They also point to quotes from Final Fantasy VII Remake creative director Tetsuya Nomura, who also didn’t seem too sure about the release either, saying that they still had a ways to go for both titles, during a Famitsu interview.

On the plus side, Nomura says that they also have plans to roll out more footage of the games at an event “somewhere”, which could be as soon as E3 this June, or as late as the Tokyo Game Show in September.

In the meantime, Square has a plan they’re sticking to, which involves releasing between one and two blockbuster games and a mid-size title every year. They managed to fulfill that for 2016 with games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy XV. So far they fulfilled the goal of having a mid-sized game in the form of NieR: Automata coming out for PS4 and PC – which went on to become a big success for them so far – so now they just need to roll out an AAA sized game for 2017 to fulfill that quota. We know for sure that the AAA title won’t be Kingdom Hearts III or Final Fantasy VII Remake, though.

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  • Jøe Ramirez

    The extended dev time might help them possibly release the game as a complete product on the ps5, rather than the original episodic money grab idea… That is my hope at the very least.
    My issue now is that, even with the extra time, square hasn’t proven they can release a complete title that meets the lofty promises they themselves have made. Some pinhead suit is going to come out and set an unreasonable deadline for the team, and they’ll end up rushing it like they did with ffxv…
    I’ll be almost 31 still waiting for this remake… sad.

    • Mr.Towel

      Maybe, it’s possible, japanese business suits are very detached from the projects they manage.

      But FFXV development was a special case. The game had been in development since 2005, as FF Versus XIII. The game went through many works and revisions. It has been done almost entirely new went they converted it to FFXV. I would say it’s reasonable that anyone would be pissed off at that development time.

      I don’t know if KH3 or FF& remake are on similar situations though.

      • Ahegao Connoisseur

        With Nomura at the helm I would be very surprised if it didn’t go through a similar development cycle.

    • LurkerJK

      I thought they recently reconfirmed the episodic thing, although this time they talked about it as different full price games like XIII-2 and lighting returns rather than dlc episodes like hitman

  • TylorW

    Is it wrong that I’m at least happy he ain’t sugarcoating it?…….


    • Sure beats leading people on with false promises.