Madden NFL 18 Teaser Trailer Features First Look At Frostbite-Powered Madden
Madden NFL 18
(Last Updated On: May 12, 2017)

Electronic Arts released the first in-engine teaser for Madden NFL 18 running on the Frostbite 3 game engine, the true next generation of software development technology powering the games of today, and the legends of tomorrow… except for Mass Effect: Andromeda and anything else coming out of BioWare’s studios that put SJW antics ahead of good game design.

Anyway, EA probably felt the need to run damage control in order to recover from the tarnished image BioWare Montreal put on the Frostbite game engine with their piss poor outing that was a technologically inferior product to games released 10 years ago.

A lot of people blamed DICE’s high-end design tool suite for the absolute, abysmal technological train wreck that was Mass Effect: Andromeda. Newsflash: it wasn’t the game engine that made that software abortion as bad as it was, it was a lack of talent.

There are blind, tongue-less, paraplegic kids in Chinese workshops who could have done a better job on Andromeda than what BioWare churned out with $40 million over the course of five years. But I digress… because otherwise I could write an entire novel that would make Tolstoy’s decrepit bones blush with envy based on how much BioWare Montreal screwed up Mass Effect.

Moreover, with the latest teaser trailer for Madden NFL 18, EA put the Frostbite engine front and center to showcase the advancements of the ANT system, the physics-based collisions, and the all new lighting system powering this year’s outing. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Some of the people in the comment section were still ho-humming about Madden NFL being just another copy-pasted iteration from Madden NFL 17, but thankfully there were some knowledgeable people in the comment section to rectify that misinformation; informing the denizens that things are going to be changing this year thanks to the Frostbite.

This is the same engine that powered the visually groundbreaking Battlefield 3, which still looks better than most other AAA games released today… especially Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you forgot how good Battlefield 3 looked, here’s a reminder of what DICE accomplished with a lot of hardwork and actually talented individuals at the design helm.

It seems hard to believe that this was six years ago, and yet it still looks better than most of the trash released these days.

That same engine will also be rendering the G.O.A.T in Madden NFL 18… Tom freaking Brady.

A lot of people are worried about the Madden NFL curse that sidelines some of the top stars who get picked to grace the cover of the annual outing. Well, Brady had a response for the Madden’s curse.

The only thing left now is for the game to launch and for people to get their annual fill of Madden football.

As per usual, EA couldn’t round out the trailer without pimping some pre-order bonus. So of course, you can pre-order the game to get the G.O.A.T. Edition of Madden NFL 18 and gain access to the game three days earlier than everyone else. But if you didn’t learn by now not to pre-order, I just don’t think you ever will.

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  • William Holmes

    What’s up with Madden and the lack of females in the game?
    I would like to see more women added to game crowds. I have never seen all-male fan crowds at a NFL football game so where are the female fans in Madden? The NFL has announced that female sports broadcaster Beth Mowins will call a NFL game this season. So where are the female sports broadcasters or sideline reporters in Madden? Where are the cheerleaders for the teams that
    employee them in Madden? Where is Sarah Thomas the NFL first female referee? I believe that Madden games should represent what the real NFL looks like and not just a good old boys club.

  • JeremyC9

    You would think that one year they would give PC players some love. They could even do it like 2K does for WWE, release it for console at the normal time of year, then release it about 3 months later on PC. I’ll even take that.

    • daniel_ream

      Between the tiny market share and the rampant piracy, it’s never going to happen. PC releases are almost entirely a goodwill gesture.

      • JeremyC9

        That’s pure idiocy to believe that anymore. A simple one minute Google search would show otherwise.

        • daniel_ream

          Oh good Lord, here we go again with the “five minutes of Google beats intelligent market analysis”.

          • JeremyC9

            I’m sure that analysis was spot-on back in 2008.