Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Teaser Features Rocket Raccoon, Groot And More DLC
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2017)

Capcom released a new 18 second teaser trailer for the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. It features a quick look at Rocket riding on Groot’s back with a big ‘ole phaser cannon of sorts, which he uses as part of the duo’s special attack.

The news was posted up on Friday morning via a tweet on the official Marvel vs Capcom Twitter account.

The 18 second trailer managed to find its way across the YouTube space, with outlets like Vesper Arcade offering gamers a quick look at the two cosmic heroes in action.

Groot beats the living crap out of Ultron and then power spikes him into the air, where Rocket quips “Save some for me!” just before setting up the particle phase cannon on Groot’s shoulder and then he fires it off to demolish what’s left of their opponent.

Like all other trailers for the game, Capcom couldn’t resist the sweet, sweet temptation of shoving some DLC into the picture. Yes, even within the span of an 18 second teaser trailer, we still get DLC announcements and pre-order bonus advertisements.

The bonus costumes are for Thor, Evil Ryu, Gladiator Hulk, and a power-upped X costume. This is in addition to the other pre-order bonuses that includes four statues in the limited collector’s edition, as outlined on the Unity blog.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - Captain Marvel Statue

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - Chun Li Statue

The statues actually look pretty good, but they’re gonna cost… and cost you big. How much? $199.99 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

I really hope the whole DLC thing is kept to a minimum and they focus more on fleshing out the content in the full game rather than how many skins and additional characters they can sell leading up to and after the game’s release on September 19th.


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  • Disqusted

    I was gonna say, why do the in-game models look like statues? Then I re-read and realized that they ARE statues.

    By the way, Capcom sucks!

    • Actually… it would have been kind of cool if they did use an art-style to mirror characters rendered as statues. That would have been awesome.

  • Reven

    I seriously don’t care if a company announces that they are planning to do some DLC for a game they announce, as long as they are planning to make that content after day one of the game’s launch. It’s shameful we know more about the DLC plan for this game than what comes in the box launch day.

    • I think that’s been my biggest reservation so far. They have yet to do a video about how the Infinity Stones work, and unlike Injustice 2, they don’t seem to be doing slow-drip character profile trailers leading up to the launch.

      I wasn’t originally that interested in Injustice 2, but I think the marketing for that game was just about pitch perfect. I slowly became interested in the story based on the multi-part story trailers (none of which gave away any of the big plot points), and the way they introduced the gears, the customization, the roster and then later the DLC, I can say I’m strangely excited to play Injustice 2 (not saying I will, but I definitely kind of want to).

      • Bitterbear

        It’s sad. Capcom makes pretty female characters but their fighting games are pretty much a $60 freemium game with on-disc dlc. While Warner makes a full-roster fighting game but you have to settle the fact that the female characters were modeled after Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, and Leslie Jones.

        • Yep, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

          It would be nice to get Capcom’s models with NetherRealm’s business model.

          Alternatively, there’s SNK… they seem to have found a good middle-ground.

  • Uncle Joey

    All this DLC shit for what is mostly like to be a $60 game.

  • Ax

    the game is not even out but DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC! disgusting.