Monster Hunter XX Coming August 25th To Nintendo Switch In Japan With Cross-Play
Monster Hunter XX Nintendo
(Last Updated On: May 27, 2017)

Capcom followed through with their full announcement of Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be arriving in Japan starting August 25th, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date for the West, but expect import sales for places like Play-Asia to skyrocket when the game drops in the East.

The original Monster Hunter X came out in Japan back in 2015 to startling acclaim, and eventually found its way into the West as Monster Hunter Generations in 2016. Capcom was even generous enough to follow up the release with tons of DLC throughout the summer for Nintendo 3DS owners, including lots of themed content based on Nintendo properties like Star Fox and the Legend of Zelda.

Late in 2016 they announced that Monster Hunter XX would be arriving for the Nintendo 3DS in the spring of 2017. After a Japanese correspondent for the Wall Street Journal outed that Capcom would be formally announcing Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendonites exploded on Twitter.

Well, now the game is formally announced complete with a announcement trailer, which you can check out below.

The trailer starts like most traditional Monster Hunter trailers, featuring Masato Kouda’s legendary fanfare for the series. We then get our first glimpse at the fidelity of the graphics for the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX.

It’s not perfect, and it looks more like something from the Wii U than what you would expect from the Switch, but unlike the Wii U the game does appear to be in Native 1080p when docked.

We get to see some of the familiar monsters that players will have to slay in their quest to become a legendary monster hunter.

Nintendo Switch cross-play with Nintendo 3DS

We also learn that you can link up the Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Hunter XX with the Nintendo Switch version, allowing you to play the game from the 3DS on the Switch.

There’s even cross-platform mobile compatibility, so you can interchangeably have four players teaming up across either four Switch units, four 3DS units, two 3DS units and two Switch units, or any other combination of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch cross-platform compatibility.

This is the sort of thing a lot of people were looking forward to from the Switch, given that you get all the benefits of home console gaming, but with the added benefit of portable gameplay support as well.

If you can’t wait for the game to launch on the Nintendo Switch in North America, you can import a copy from Japan for use with your region-free Switch come August 25th.

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