Mortal Metanoia, 2D Shooter Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

There are a lot of 2D indie shooters out in the wild, but not all feature polished character designs and fluid looking animations. One game that does feature the above comes in by Moonglade Games and goes by the name of Mortal Metanoia, which is currently on Steam Greenlight.

I should note that the official Greenlight video below does not reflect the actual state of Mortal Metanoia in its current build seeing that the video stands to be a work in progress test. But, if the current game is polished more than the video below, then this is a nice Greenlight entry given that 90% of the games on their are garbage like PsygnosisDREAMS — that’s assuming you even want to call some of those entries games.

Mortal Metanoia explores a dystopian alien planet filled with hostile enemies, which is said to be filled with action-pack moments coupled with platform segments. The 2D shooter is also noted by the devs to be a skillful game in that aiming is a crucial element in that you can tear enemies to pieces depending on where you shoot them.

Moreover, one gripe that I currently have regarding the game, but is a minor thing that can easily be changed in the future, is the main character’s gun SFX. That “pew pew” noise seems like it could get annoying while blasting through enemies, hopefully the devs change the base SFX for the starting gun and make it sound like a standard laser gun.

Overall, the game doesn’t seem bad. However you can be the judge of that by reading the official description and watching the Greenlight trailer below. More information about this game can be found over on Steam Greenlight.

“Mortal Metanoia is an action-packed platformer set in a dystopian alien planet. Fight ferocious aliens with a wide range of guns, and watch how your skillfully aimed shots tear them to pieces. Uncover the mysteries of Bacchus-4 and your origin in this intense shooter.”