New Dragon Age Game Being Written By FailBetter Games Dev
Dragon Age Iron Bull

BioWare Montreal may be in the gutter and Mass Effect as a franchise may be shuttered, but Electronic Arts and the rest of BioWare will continue to churn out new entries in long running franchises until they faceplant like a clown on stilts in high heel pumps trying to walk down the runway while juggling.

In an interview with Eurogamer, FailBetter Games writer Alexis Kennedy revealed that he’s working on the upcoming Dragon Age game from BioWare Edmonton.

He explained to Eurogamer that BioWare typically doesn’t hire guest writers, saying…

“It’s a multi-studio company spread across Edmonton, Montreal [which developed Mass Effect Andromeda] and Austin [home to Star Wars: The Old Republic],” […] “though yes – it doesn’t have guest writers, as a rule.”

But this time around Kennedy will be joining the likes of BioWare writer Patrick Weekes and designer Mike Laidlaw. Obviously departing from the norm to bring in fresh writing talent means that either EA told them to sharpen up their writing quality (especially coming off the amateurish stylings of Mass Effect: Andromeda) or BioWare realizes that relying on classic writing tropes may not be a viable option anymore.

Kennedy previously worked on games under the FailBetter Games label, including the Lovecraftian-inspired horror exploration game, Sunless Sea.

Kennedy even stepped into the fray regarding “punching Nazis”, penning a piece for Eurogamer on January 28th, 2017 explaining that punching real-life Nazis like Richard Spencer is bad all the way around and only justifies his stance; Kennedy advocates in his piece to debate the ideas of fascism instead of physically attempting to use violence to punch down opponents. It was literally a political opinion piece on a video game website.

Nevertheless, Kennedy at least is old enough and wise enough to be able to articulately get his point across, something most of the regressive Social Justice Warriors haven’t been able to do. So there’s a possibility that the next Dragon Age could be a decently written game, even if it’s not a decent game all the way around.

Mass Effect: Andromeda suffered from sophomoric writing, in addition to all the other shortcomings, and the entire series was punished for it by being put on ice. BioWare Montreal was also removed from working on new content for the game, and the studio members were reduced to a support role for Motive, BioWare Edmonton and the DICE studios.

With EA delaying Dylan and now BioWare hiring in an outsider to pen the story for Dragon Age, it seems like there’s some cleaning up going on at BioWare to excise the SJW infestation that ruined their most recent outings.


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