Nine Parchments, 4-Player Co-op Action Magic Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nine Parchments Nintendo Switch

Frozenbyte announced that their four-player cooperative, action-magic game Nine Parchments will be releasing on more than just the PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year. The Nintendo Switch has been added to the game’s platform roll out for later this year.

The news was accompanied by a Nintendo Switch trailer, showcasing the isometric, cooperative combat that players can expect from the game. You can check out the minute-long trailer below, showcasing some of the different attacks and abilities that will be available in the game, along with some of the monsters and enemies you’ll face off against.

Originally Frozenbyte announced Nine Parchments back in August of 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The hook for the game was basically that it was like Gauntlet meets Trine. Well, now that hook will seem a heck of a lot more appealing with the announcement that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer nor the press release indicates if there will be Switch exclusive features like HD rumble support or local wireless play, but the CEO of Frozenbyte, Lauri Hyv√§rinen, commented about the game making its way to Nintendo’s platform, stating in the press release…

“We love Nintendo Switch! We’ve been ecstatic about the success of our roguelike action game Has-Been Heroes, and we love all the improvements made to the development environment, it’s a great platform! Nine Parchments is a wonderful co-op game and feels like a perfect fit for the system. We can’t wait to unleash the wizard mayhem later this year!”

I can’t say that it’s a game that has me bawling out my eyes with tears of joy and a happy dance taking place in my pant’s pockets, but I will say that I’m glad the Nintendo Switch is getting a lot more love and support from third party studios. Right now my biggest gripe with the Switch is the lack of games; and it’s one of the rare times where I would legitimately consider getting Switch versions over PC versions, and this is coming from a proud member of the PCMR who thinks the eighth gen Xbox and PlayStation twins are generally peasant-tier trash.

Anyway, the game follows magic apprentices fighting against various enemies and larger-than-life bosses. There are additional unlockable characters to play, the ability to learn new abilities and upgrade your magical arts, along with both online and local cooperative support for one through four-players.

Nine Parchments is due for release later on in 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.