Nintendo Switch And NES Classic Outsell PS4, Xbox One; Horizon Falls Drastically
Horizon Sales
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

Nintendo basically dominated the NPD charts for April, 2017. The new report from Venture Beat has Nintendo cleaning up the top two spots for hardware sales, and dominated the top 10 software sales charts as well.

According to the reports, the Nintendo Switch moved more than 280,000 SKUs in North America throughout April, while Nintendo desperately tried to battle stock shortages. A lot of retailers went the overpricing route, creating unofficial bundle packs to sell the Switch at over $500, a common tactic by GameSpot and Walmart. Even still, people actually overpaid for the bundles, which were marked up by anywhere between $60 to $100, and they continue to sell out to this day.

The Switch’s and NES Classic Edition surge in sales drove April to a 37% revenue increase in hardware sales compared to 2016.

That’s right, the second best-selling console of April was the NES Classic Edition. Both of Nintendo’s products outsold the Xbox One and PS4 during the month of April. This was also the last month that Nintendo would be producing hardware of the NES Classic Edition in North America. Production halted in other regions as well, but Nintendo reported that they would resume production of the Famicom Classic Edition in Japan at some undisclosed point in the future.

Software was also another big factor for Nintendo to dominate. They took two of the top three spots in the top 10 best-selling games of April.

Unsurprisingly enough, the feminist-themed Horizon: Zero Dawn fell way down the charts after it got off to a strong start at the end of February. The title fell all the way down to 12th place in the top 20 software sales for April. This is significant because it only had a day’s worth of recorded sales for the March NPD, and had all of March to dominate for the April NPD. As Venture Beat reported last month, Horizon: Zero Dawn only managed fourth place in the March stats.

Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has maintained it’s top 10 run since launching in March, showing that it certainly has strong sales legs to stand on. It was only outdone on the charts by the critically and commercial success from Atlus, Persona 5.

The charts for the top three games show that people definitely value quality over quantity. The same can’t be said for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, though.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, meanwhile, managed seventh place on the top 10, which is not good at all for a flagship AAA series from BioWare. This is only the second recorded month of sales for Mass Effec: Andromeda and it’s already down from when it launched in third place for the March NPD stats, showing that not only did it fail to outsell The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild during its launch month, but it also failed to gain any significant momentum in the follow-up month. Keep in mind that Mass Effect: Andromeda launched for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The NPD stats are looking mighty interesting these days, as we see games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 from five years ago topping out the top 10 on the NPD (due to being made backwards compatible for the Xbox One), and we see that GTA V from four years ago is still within the top six best-selling games of the month. 2015’s Rainbow Six: Siege also managed to make the top 20, showing that a lot of games from 2016 and 2017 seem to have a hard time staying relevant on the list.

On the upside Nier: Automata, a dark horse in the sales race, actually managed to maintain its presence on the list since launching at the start of March.

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  • durka durka

    horizon is the kind of game that people stop caring a week after release.

  • GodBowser

    That’s odd… I thought Feminazi Zero Dawn was suppose to be doing well and it’s nice to know that it’s being out done by Nier: Automata

    Guess social justice does not sell well these days just look at Fembusters and Marvel’s line of SJW comics and most of all Half-Assed Effect Crapromeda

  • Disqusted

    Yuck, Tintin face. Some people I know bought Horizon and liked it while not noticing any of the SJW themes. I didn’t get the impression they thought it was “OMFG AMAZING” though, just that it was okay and enjoyable.

    • The thing is, if you’re not into the robosaur combat, there isn’t much else to hook you in. Nier has gameplay and a compelling story.

      I’m curious what Horizon would have been like had they focused more on honest world building instead of trying to make sure it was portrayed through a feminist lens?

      • Jeff

        I dont care much about Horizon’s agenda as much as I do for their design. I totally do not dig their mechs. They behave like animals and not machines. Many people might like it but from a game dev / designer stand point I just cannot buy it. It feels really off putting. There is nothing “machine-like” about those machines. Its like Guerrilla went with the coolness factor and left everything else behind thinking they can be a western FromSoft.
        Also not to mention being a generic and flat game that have been played over and over , over the years.

        • . Its like Guerrilla went with the coolness factor and left everything else behind thinking they can be a western FromSoft.

          Actually… the robosaur design and behavior play a very specific part in the game’s world. That animal behavior is actually part of the story as to why they behave the way they do, move the way they do, and what purpose each of them serve within the world. It was one of the few things that I thought was kind of fascinating about the lore.

          • Disqusted

            I can understand that it’s explained as part of the lore, but at the same time, I think animal machines acting just like animals is much less interesting than retaining aspects of machinery.

          • I forget the exact lore, but maybe they could have just made artificial lifeforms that aren’t robots, but aren’t quite the same as their original base animal? At least then there’d be some originality and uniqueness.

            That was sort of the story behind the robosaurs **spoilers** Gaia was designed to replace Faro’s kill-bots with other machines that would clean up and prepare the Earth for the re-population of the human species. So they needed various robots designed to carry out very specific tasks to prep the ecosystem, and this included grazers for fertilization, carriers for supply hauls, the long-necks for remote radio communication, etc., etc.

            The reason they had a specific aesthetic look based on animals was because they wanted a set of robos that distinctly did not look like Faro’s kill-bots so humans wouldn’t get the two confused, and so that — if they did have to interact with other animals — they wouldn’t look or behave too abnormally around most native animals, since the robos would be doing work for several hundred years and would have to ensure that the other animals were growing and breeding as necessary.

            Of course the Hades program threw a wrench into things and started producing more kill-bots again but in the form of carnivore-looking robosaurs based on the original GAIA algorithm.

      • durka durka

        Oh i am into robosaur combat, what i am not into is taking them out with a shitty bow.

        • They originally had the guns from Killzone in there, but then they removed them.

        • Disqusted

          Come to think of it, fancy melee combat vs robosaurs would probably be awesome.

      • Disqusted

        The impression I got from what I heard about Horizon is that while there are other ways to play the game (ie. different weapons, traps, etc) there wasn’t a need to use them. So while the game has that extra freedom, it was kinda slapped on haphazardly and not fleshed out, so to speak. So yeah, I think if they focused more on the world instead of the lame story, I’m sure it’d have been better.

        I tried to like Nier Automata and couldn’t. Didn’t help that I already spoiled everything about the story before I tried it. But I wouldn’t want to play a game just for the story.

        Didn’t like how the combat feels. It’s slower than I imagined and somehow not very satisfying. Not a fan of having a single button for all of a weapon’s attacks, would prefer to have several attacks for each weapon that I can bust out when I want, not have to use as part of a combo string. I wanted to follow up heavy attacks with a quick dash, but the dash doesn’t move fast or far enough. Especially with the size of the maps, I think they could have had the combat travel across large spaces at high velocity, and that would have felt great.

        Didn’t like the large empty maps. Kept running into dead-ends and then
        having to run all the way back. Didn’t like the shooter stuff, kept
        trying to only dash through shots and failed. Didn’t care for all the items and upgrading stuff. Felt kinda overwhelming, and I didn’t know what I should be buying or using. The thing I loved most was being able to blow yourself up at almost any time. But I was very, very disappointed when I found that almost nobody reacts to the detonation.

        Anyawy, that’s just my personal opinion. I don’t think I could like Horizon simply because I really hate how the protagonist looks. I get a very strong feeling of “anything Horizon offers, I could just get from modded Skyrim”.

        • The impression I got from what I heard about Horizon is that while there are other ways to play the game (ie. different weapons, traps, etc) there wasn’t a need to use them.

          Ehh, it depended. The ropecaster was pretty useful for tying down robosaurs and the other tripwire traps were also good if you were planning ahead of time on how to lure and kill the robo dinos, but part of the issue was that you were kind of pigeonholed into how you had to fight certain enemies and the weapon variety wasn’t all that satisfying outside of the ropecaster.

          Also if they were going to limit combat to the bow they really, REALLY should have added more bow types with very distinct looks and usability. To not have a focus on personal firearms in the game you would think they would have put a lot of time and effort into the bow variety.