Nongunz, Nihilistic Gothic Roguelike Set To Launch On May 19th

A game from indie Spanish developers Brain Wash Gang called Nongunz is a nihilistic, Gothic, procedurally generated side-scrolling retro-death roguelike. It sounds kind of bizarre, and it’s hard not to consider the game as a bit bizarre given the themes.

They recently released a parody of Happy Tree Friends featuring a violent bit of animated cinematics featuring a bunch of colorful animals being slaughtered by the main protagonist of Nongunz. You can check it out below.

The cinematic above is pretty hilarious but it has almost nothing to do with the game itself.

In fact, it’s hard to describe what Nongunz is. The game is centered around an ever-changing Gothic dungeon of death. Players are a collection of deadly bones that venture out of the graveyard to carry out various tasks, meet with special characters, and interact with martyrs, gravediggers, cultists and other macabre symbolism.

The black-and-white shooter is an unforgiving deep dive into the nihilism of violence and death. You can check out the creepy teaser trailer showcasing some of the gameplay below.

I’m not even sure what to make of Nongunz. It’s definitely not the sort of thing that seems standard-fare. Of course, for people tired of pixel games it’s hard to make an argument to justify checking this one out, but for people interested in something dark and macabre, I don’t see why you couldn’t at least keep this one on your radar.

Parts of this reminds me a little bit of the off-kilter nature of Undertale… maybe it’s the black and white aesthetic?

Anyway, if you want a side-scroller that packs plenty of weapons, has a bizarre unique art-style set within a pixelated universe, and isn’t afraid to tap into the darker side of nihilism, you can check out Nongunz on the Steam store as it preps to launch on May 19th.


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